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Events and classes are held at Desert Moon VST studio: 71-537 Hwy. 111, Rancho Mirage, CA Suite E, unless otherwise specified.  Contact Michelle 760-832-0105

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March 7, 14, 21, & 28,  2019 
Thursdays, 10 a.m. | 6 p.m.

Please join us for our Thursday sound baths. During the month of March we will invite the energy and spirit of TREES: Cottonwood, Eucalyptus, Giant Sequoia, and the Mighty Oak.

Recieve the gentle energies of these magnificent trees as you allow the sound and vibrational energy of Tibetan metal singing bowls and the unique hand-crafted Zen therapeutic bowls to flow through you, relaxing your mind, body and soul into deeper meditative states.

Sound baths are intimate in-studio, small group gatherings (up to 6 people). Sound baths begin with group grounding and individual bowl-on-body aura energizer to engage your body for receiving soud healing followed immediately by a group sound bath. Sound bath concludes with a bowl-on-body vibrational healing with a therapeutic sound bowl for each participant, followed by a short, quiet meditation. Mats and blankets provided. Sound baths are ~1 hour.

Registration is required. Space is very limited. Please see dates and descriptions below and choose “Morning” or “Evening” to register. All dates are Thursdays.
$15/person, per sound bath.

March 7, 2019 Tree Spirit Sound Bath series: COTTONWOOD
9DB30DC9-121F-473D-8CEF-2873D8A968EAThere is something inviting about the cottonwood tree. During a recent camping trip, we camped under them and I felt their happy spirit during the whole trip, they were animated, embracing, and eager to share their space and wisdom. The tree seems to be in a constant state of motion, its shimmering leaves ready to dance on even the slightest breeze. When you spend any time in the presence of a cottonwood, its leaves gently rustle about in animated whispers bringing to life the shared Native belief that the Sacred Ones or those who have passed, ride the wind. We will hold our intention with the spirit of Cottonwood during this sound bath as we invite its movement and whispering wisdom into our sound experience. What will cottonwood share with you? 
MORNING 10 a.m.
EVENING 6 p.m.

March 14, 2019 Tree Spirit Sound Bath series: EUCALYPTUS
9B983701-C1B1-4CE7-89B4-02BE5E08F061There are well over 600 species of eucalyptus, nearly all of which originate in Australia. Even in California the non-native eucalyptus is an iconic tree, but it didn’t make its way onto the California landscape until sometime during the 1800’s. Many experience a strong connection to this Australian native and perhaps the magickal spirit of this beautiful and fragrant tree is the reason why.  The eucalyptus is a holy tree for Aboriginals within their cosmology. It is also known for its purifying affects and ability to dispel negative energies. Spiritually, its gentle, soothing energy is centered around healing, purification, and protection. It also goes hand in hand with koala energy adding another dimension to eucalyptus meaning and messages. We will hold our intention with the towering, yet gentle spirit of Eucalyptus during this sound bath as we invite any guidance it may share. How will eucalyptus energy manifest for you?
MORNING 10 a.m.
EVENING 6 p.m.

March 21, 2019 Tree Spirit Sound Bath series: GIANT SEQUOIA
AB5ECF21-5096-41E3-BE38-F7CA57061FA9With an estimated lifespan of 1,800-2,700+ years and the oldest known to have been 3,500 years, the Giant Sequoia, aka the “Elder spirits of the planet,” are the largest trees on earth, towering to heights of 300 feet. With a trunk that grows up to 30 feet in diameter, it would not even fit inside our 650 square foot studio space, in its width alone! This ancient tree is a survivor that can withstand fire, insects, decay, often symbolizing health, protection, an enduring spirit, longevity, slow and steady growth. But also lifting our perspective in regards to our vision, our human spirit, our responsibility to the big picture, in our world and to all of humankind. The Giant Sequoia is a magickal spirit, ancient in its wisdom and longevity alone, growing in communities, and reaching upward toward the divine. We will hold our intention with the elder spirit of the Giant Sequoia during this sound bath as we invite the energy of this tree spirit to guide our connection to its enlightened energy. How will Giant Sequoia illuminate your soul?
MORNING 10 a.m.
EVENING 6 p.m.

March 28, 2019 Tree Spirit Sound Bath series: MIGHTY OAK
BE316FE2-7DB5-4363-9DAE-3CB5625DCC85There is certainly alot of love for enduring spirit of the Oak, even the acorns were used in divination among ancient tribes. Oak appears as a constant symbol of strength, character, courage, knowledge, and survival for many cultures and regions. For the Celts, the oak was a protective spirit to be honored, its noble presence symbolizing truth and bravery, endurance and humankind’s ability to overcome all odds. The spirit of oak speaks to us perhaps through its massive, expansive growth and its ancient hold on earth –some living over 1,000 years, rooted through an equally massive root system holding its ground, extending four to seven times the width of its crown. A tree truly grouded in the energy of the earth while standing true with its own ancient wisdom. We will hold our intention with the spirit of the mighty Oak during this sound bath as we invite its noble and kind energy to take root in our souls. What will Oak energy evoke in you?
MORNING 10 a.m.
EVENING 6 p.m.


March IMAGES (digitally altered), original sources:
Giant Sequoia
Oak Angel Oak Tree, South Carolina Photo by Shan Huang  





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2 thoughts on “EVENTS | Classes

  1. Autumn Brewer on said:

    I would love to do a soul collage – how much are your prices? Do you have a group rate?
    My friend Danielle owns the Pink Spa and I have been walking by your place for a year now and always wondering:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Autumn! Thank you for commenting. Our SoulCollage(R) workshops are $30-$75, depending on topic/length (3 1/2 hour, or 5 hours for the Intro, half day workshops). We do card-making open studios for a flat fee of $20. We won’t be offering any SoulCollage classes on site until late fall. Thank you again for your interest, please check back here or via our Facebook page ( as our schedule updates regularly! There will be an online SoulCollage(R) teleclass in October, of which I will also post here.


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