VST Sessions & Prices

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Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) Sessions

I use Zen Therapeutic singing bowls during your VST session, which are different from traditional Tibetan singing bowls because their design focus is for maximum vibration. They are the first singing bowls in the world engineered specifically for vibrational sound therapy, engineered for vibration and sustained vibration lasting far longer than most traditional singing bowls. Not only are they designed for maximum, sustained vibration but also for directing the bowl’s vibration down and into your body (vs. singing bowls designed for enhancing and projecting sound outward). Experiencing these bowls on or around your body will move you into a state of profound relaxation. The vibrational energy of the bowls facilitates the deep alpha, theta, and delta states of rest which activate your body’s own healing abilities and higher states of consciousness.

50-minute, on-body. Your choice of 50-minute front of body, back of body, OR *flip session, plus one session mini.

Chakra Clearing & Balancing. 50-minute on-body flip session (back of body and front of body), plus one session mini. Session begins with off-body aura clearing and chakra clearing, followed by on-body chakra balancing/activating of the seven main chakras and higher dimensional chakras.

30-minute off-body. Feel the good vibrations of a 30-minute off-body bowl therapy, plus one session mini.

*A flip session is a 50-minute on-body bowl session that includes both a 25-minute front of body and 25-minute back of body bowl therapies.

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Session Mini’s Menu


EARTH: Grounding. This technique uses my three largest bowls. Feel the energy of these bowls flow down your body, grounding, bringing you to a peaceful calm.

FIRE: Energizer. This technique uses my three largest bowls. Feel the energy of these bowls move up your body for an uplifted, refreshed feeling.

3-bowl clearing

WATER: Binaural beats. Two bowls, carefully matched for their slight variation of frequency needed to facilitate a binaural response. By listening to these two tones, one in each ear, your two brain hemispheres connect and create a third (internal) tone, called a binaural beat. Feel the energy of this technique as it synchronizes the brain bringing more clarity, calmness, and faster communication between the mind and body.

AIR: 3-bowl clearing. Using my highest vibrating bowls, affectionately referred to as the Three Sisters of The Sky. Three bowls above the head (or try one of them on your forehead), clears the mind and activates upper chakras.



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