Dia de Los Muertos



Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) is a 2-day celebration honoring loved ones who have passed. It’s origins lay deep within ancient Mexico, dating back 2,500-3,000 years. Family and friends who have passed are remembered through prayer and altars elaborately decorated with symbolic artifacts and items, photos, calaveras (skulls), their loved one’s favorite foods, marigolds and more. Copal incense, flavor-filled aromas from family kitchens, and music fill the air. Homes, communities, and cemeteries fill with life and love as families gather to share stories and remember their loved ones.  It is a tradition that fills me with comfort, a connection to community, to a part of me, and the people I love.

(Click on any card for title or to enlarge.)  For my upcoming art workshops click here.




6 thoughts on “Dia de Los Muertos

  1. I adore all this art you have created…it fills me with joy!


  2. I would love to buy one of the skeley butterflies dancing….do you have one?


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