Creative Release Project

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The Creative Release Project was inspired by Found Art Tuesday (F.A.T.), which began October 2006, by the generously kind and talented artist, Rosa Murillo. Her inspired project has grown into an open group of artists creating art for the love of art–and leaving these personal offerings in public places for fellow souls to find! It is a community about “adding to the unpredictable excitement of life & making the world a better place through artwork.”

F.A.T. release “Ocotillo Woman” – FOUND on Eisenhower Trail, Palm Desert, CA. Click here for more details.

This experience inspired my desire to start a local group in 2009, Creative Release Project, open to any and all artists/media, including poets. We are simply creative beings who are willing to carry on the excitement and magic of leaving art in a public place for someone else to find (and keep!). As an avid participant in F.A.T., I wanted to reach out to local creatives and beyond to participate in the spirit of creative release…and possibly make someone’s day.

Whether your art is photography, sculpting, writing, painting, drawing, beading, crocheting, collage, etc., it’s time to fulfill your creative release by sharing your work with others–with no expectations in return. Come by and be a part of something good happening on the planet. Here’s your Creative Release.

Create art. Release art. Found art = happy.

CREATIVE RELEASE GALLERY (Some pieces I’ve released)

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I encourage you to express your artistic side and join fellow artists in the Creative Release Project Facebook page in the spirit of F.A.T.–it is a FUN addiction 😉

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