Hello, my name is Michelle and I thank you for taking time to visit my site. A little about me: I am inspired by nature, ancient cultures, science, live music, oddities, plants and animals, the moon and stars. And I am moved by the idea that sound is the original creative force and our shared vibrational energy that connects us all–on this planet, through Spirit or Source, and throughout the Universe. I believe in this interconnectedness between all things and I explore a variety of ways to grow my spiritual and healing experiences, to evolve them, to share them, and to honor what I learn from others along the journey. I feel these connections deeply, along with my husband, my son, and the desert who truly hold my heart.

My academic life led to a degree in botany and anthropolgy, growing my fascination and guiding my interest in native cultures around the world, specifically their cosmology and healing practices using plants & animals, music, dance, and spirit. It’s not surprising that I would end up feeling the call to vibratioal sound therapy as this type of practice proves ancient, with deep ancestral roots tied to each of us throughout our world communities.

While growing up, my family provided an adventurous and creative-filled life for me. Being an only child meant plenty of desert exploration with my dog, Charlie, and I love every memory of those experiences! I was captivated by the stories my grandma shared of trips to far away places (and the rocks she brought back) and Native American tales woven into brightly colored stories about humans and animals as our teachers and guides. As a teenager my childhood love of animals and cystals expanded and I became interested in oracle cards, nature energies, and angels. Anything related to spirituality, helping others heal themselves, or that which connected our souls with each other, places, animals, realms, or other beings fascinated me–as it continues to do so today!

All of that has stayed with me, the love of the outdoors–the fragility and capacity of nature, the unspoken magic of the desert–and of course, embracing both my own healing and the healer’s journey. I am one who loves getting lost in making collaged cards full of vivid imagery for my own personal SoulCollage® deck which I often use in my spiritual journey. I am always inspired and encouraged by the wisdom each card shares–and I am grateful for the opportunity to share this intuitive tool with others as a Facilitator. I also love to paint and draw, write poetry and take pictures, and stay active in my Creative Release project by leaving small originals of my art in public places for others to find.

You can get to know me more at upcoming events through my vibrational sound therapy work, and through social media links. I look forward to connecting with you and spreading good vibes together!


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