Hello! I’m a Coachella Valley mixed media artist and SoulCollage® Facilitator. Here you will find my upcoming workshops featuring  SoulCollage® and other creativity workshops, original works for sale, my blog, and links to online shops featuring my work.

A little about me: I am inspired by nature, ancient cultures, science, oddities, the macabre, the moon and stars, and perhaps some questionable things—although it is my husband, my son, and the desert who truly hold my heart.

While growing up, my family provided an adventurous and creative-filled life for me. Being an only child meant plenty of desert exploration with my dog Charlie, outdoor and imaginative play building forts, climbing trees, running pretend restaurants, libraries, and detective agencies. My parents also encouraged me to try all sorts of creative outlets too, from stained glass to photography, drawing & painting, ceramics, interior design–well, the list goes on and I love every memory of those experiences!

All of that has stayed with me, the love of the outdoors–the fragility and capacity of nature, the unspoken magic of the desert–and of course, creative curiosity. Beyond high school/college art and ceramics classes I am a self-taught artist, experimenting and finding my way through techniques and various media. Although sometimes I think it’s when I “lose my way” in a process, I learn the most.

Today, I enjoy scouting for junk in remote desert trash piles, collecting and transforming pieces of scrap metal and materials into unique assemblage. I try to use humor and whimsy in a thoughtful way to communicate my thoughts on our environment and other cultures, yet I am often moved by moments I experience or witness of our precious human nature. In addition to recycled assemblage, I work with mixed media, altered art and digitally altered photographs using my own images and distinct embellishments. I am one who loves getting lost in making collaged cards full of vivid imagery for my own personal SoulCollage® deck. I am always inspired and encouraged by the wisdom each card shares–the only thing I enjoy more is the opportunity  to share this intuitive tool with others. I also love to write poetry and blog, take pictures, and stay active in my Creative Release  project by leaving small originals of my art in public places and on trails for others to find.

As an artist and writer, I often pull from my experiences in my natural science career, including my education in anthropology and botany. Currently I am a full time artist and SoulCollage® Facilitator, honoring fellow creatives in their artistic journey through creativity workshops and soul discoveries. When I’m not working on a piece, sketching under a full moon, or adding eclectic things or plants to my yard, you can find me exploring out in the desert or online leading adventures with my nature-inspired creativity group, Let Nature Be Your Muse.

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