Labyrinth & SoulCollage®

I enjoy journeying into labyrinths. I experience something different each time I step into one. I have also tried finger labyrinths, but this week a friend of mine who is a Labyrinth Facilitator brought her double labyrinth board over to the studio for us to do a guided “walking” meditation together. It was a beautiful board and I was immediately drawn to it, wanting to trace along the smooth grooves with my fingers. Before starting, my friend suggested I use a non-dominant finger, on my non-dominant hand. So my left, ring finger was my guide along this journey. We turned down the lights and closed our eyes as we began this labyrinth walk, our energies in tandem. It was a wonderful, calming experience.

I lightly concentrated on my personal question (“I’m done with fear for now, what animal medicine will pull me out now?”), and allowed myself to just get lost in the movement of my finger along the winding path of the board—trusting that any guidance I needed would come to me. I quickly fell into a meditative flow and about two-thirds through the experience, my owl companion (representing my throat chakra) appeared in a “mother owl” kind of way along with a rambunctious little wolf howl I heard. I took this as confirmation of my question being heard and answered, and further attention drawn to the recurring wolf energy that keeps coming up for me lately. I continued to meditate on both creature’s messages. My owl began to calmly wave us through with her wing, as if to make certain my wild little wolf nature and I completed our way through to the end of the labyrinth, where she then embraced us with her huge wings.

I made a SoulCollage® card, three actually, immediately after our labyrinth session. Each one profoundly spoke to the “conversation” or guidance the labyrinth revealed for me. The entire experience spoke to my original question, which I now recognize the answers are beginning to flow from deeper wells within me. I look forward to the opportunity to do this again with my friend. I also love the new insight and the Community and Committee neters it brought to my SoulCollage® deck.

Have you experienced walking labyrinth meditations? Either actual walking, or use of a finger labyrinth? Have you combined them with your SoulCollage® practice? I would love to hear about your own labyrinth experiences you’d like to share in the comments.







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2 thoughts on “Labyrinth & SoulCollage®

  1. I like doing the large walking ones alone too, I find it very calming when my mind is not. Thank you for sharing


  2. I do find peace and self contemplation while walking a labyrinth. I most like doing them alone. It becomes rhythmic with the gentle back and forth paths carrying me deeper into the center, then releasing me back out.

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