Mother Energy: Vortexes and SoulCollage(R)

Mother Energy

“Mother Energy” council card. 

I recently had the opportunity to experience a known energy vortex and portal on a friend’s property. I have always been intrigued by the existence of portals and energy vortexes as gates to other dimensions or realms or, in the least the personal experiences many have shared. I feel I am a very open yet grounded personality, but energy is something easy for me to accept as all things emit energy that can measured. But, also I’ve had personal experiences in the desert wilds that make me a believer in some unexplained powerful energies that seem to be some kind of vortex of energy exchange and possibly portals.

This most recent experience was very emotional. Fourteen of us gathered around what was described as the tip of an egg-shaped vortex, with the top protruding into a two-foot patch of earth, and the bottom of the egg encompassing the entire mountain. But I was drawn to a boulder about 10 feet away, and with permission from our hostess, I moved toward this rock. As soon as I leaned against it, a wave of emotion came out of nowhere and flowed over me. I cried in waves that came and went. It was not a sad cry but instead a cleansing “good” cry in which I felt held by compassion. Beings or energies where just “holding me” gently and allowing me to express this cry and what they were communicating to me. All at once I was feeling the world though deep human emotions as a mother, as a daughter, as a child, as a woman.

As I was experiencing this, I was aware of our hostess sharing her knowledge and experiences with this vortex. What I will share, is her work with a Goddess energy (as in feminine of God), whose concern is for the children of the planet, which she feels comes through as a very mothering, compassionate, powerful energy. Two other frequent goddess energies that come through for her work are Kuan Yin (aka Chenrezig or Avalokiteśvara), and Mother Mary. In typical response, I could not believe I was feeling their energies in this way and so strongly, as I felt I was not worthy or “there yet” in my ability to do so. But I let go and I let it flow and I worked to stay receptive of this embrace of insanely pure love.

I was incredibly grateful for this opportunity, and my experience. It was something I don’t think I will ever forget. It was brief, but the more I recounted it in my mind and thought about it, the more it grew in my heart and I have yet to be able to “shake” the experience—not that I want to! Honestly it feels like I was imprinted someplace deep for me to acknowledge and to reveal more and more within myself and outwardly as I navigate my role in this place and time.

Two days later I was in the studio for card-making. I wanted to integrate a doodle I created during my friend and Facilitator Lisa Handley’s online SoulCollage® and Doodling class. My doodle was hot pink and I wanted to add the pop of color to a black and white card. The shape of the doodle was feminine, and without realizing it at the time, the images I choose to include were imbued with feminine strengths, qualities and experiences. When I finished the details of the card, I looked at it and immediately thought, “Whoa! This is Mother Energy!” The card named itself really. The whole experience came together on the card in front of me. And to be honest, it felt like my entire deck was buzzing with energy as if to celebrate, finally the addition of this powerful, guiding energy—like all of the other cards were anchored to the presence of this card.

I know I’m not the only one to experience something like this and I would love to hear about an experience you are open to sharing, especially if and how it made its way into your SoulCollage® deck.






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2 thoughts on “Mother Energy: Vortexes and SoulCollage(R)

  1. Thank you Pownkies ❤ I can't wait!


  2. What a special, enlightened experience you had. And that your card was born from that experience and it is beautiful. I’m hoping to have an enlightening time in Sedona.

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