Using A Pendulum With SoulCollage®

pendulumreading (640x478)

Experimenting with a pendulum reading. The cards above my “Rest Stop” card and journal are my three transpersonal cards: Witness, Source, and SoulEssence.

A fellow collager and I were talking on the subject of pendulums and she asked if I had ever used a pendulum with my SoulCollage® cards. To be honest I had never thought of doing that! I made a promise to myself that I would definitely give it a try—which I did the next day—and it was interesting.

I brought out my pendulum, which I’ve only had for a few months, and have used a handful of times. As a habit with it so far, I held it until it steadied then asked my guides to show me a “yes” for “right” to which the pendulum began moving in a circle. I said, “Thank you.” It stopped. I asked to show me a “no” for “left” to which it moved back and forth. I said, “Thank you.” It stopped to steady again. In hindsight I could have just asked it to show me “left” and “right” respectively, which I would do next time! The “yes/no” is just habit.

I randomly pulled three cards from my deck and placed two of them face down in front of me. I steadied the pendulum and asked, “Which card has a message for me today?” and the pendulum circled, indicating the card on the right. I kept that card in place and replaced the other card, still keeping both cards face down. I asked the same question and again the pendulum circled, indicating to stick with the card on the right.

That was intriguing to me as I have received “no” answers before when using this pendulum (indicated by it moving back and forth). But not this time. Clearly the message from my guides was going to come through my “Rest Stop” card and this particular neter today!

“Rest Stop” card journal entry, “I am one who will always enjoy the scenery. Whether you are climbing up or scrambling down, the beauty around you remains. Honor it by breathing it in. I am one who is awed by nature. I am one who celebrates all moments. I am one who enjoys sharing and experiencing nature with others. Today, this weekend, celebrate your meaningful moments with nature, with your family and with yourself. There is beauty all around when we seek it out.”

At the time I was talking a lot about how I hadn’t spent time in nature as much as I liked over the previous month, and that I was feeling the effects of that on my spirit. This message was a timely invitation to be more proactive in the many ways I can connect with nature, when I don’t overcomplicate things.

Have you ever integrated a pendulum or similar tools into your SoulCollage® practice? What was your experience like?


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2 thoughts on “Using A Pendulum With SoulCollage®

  1. Thank you minicooper10, I enjoyed your input and experience using your mala as a pendulum. I too always ask my questions out loud (even the “ritual” or habit of asking guides to show me a “yes” and a “no” first), as it keeps me focused on receiving, like you said, it clarifies the process. A perpetual student of these wonderful things I am, so I always welcome other’s experiences and suggestions! Thank you for taking time to do so by sharing your comment, and checking out my post, it is much appreciated ❤


  2. minicooper10 on said:

    I never thought of this! I have a mala with a large guru bead that I use as a pendulum. I check out whether a specific food or drink is good for me. Vegetables, yes. Vodka & orange juice, no! I always ask my question out loud just to clarify my process. So in your situation, IMHO I’d continue to state “yes” and “no” just so the guiding spirit can know what I’m going for. (Frankly, I going for a yes on that vodka!) I can’t wait to do this. There is always something new under the Soul Collage sun!

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