Spider Chakra


“Spider Chakra” (M. Hedgecock)

Chakra Spider

Reaching out, you deftly capture droplets,
delicate sacs filled with tiny, wiggling muses.
Perhaps you are rescuing them.
My thoughts wander to this.

You have done this before, I can tell. Rather,
I can feel you tremor with ancestral energy,
permeating deep within the spongey memory of my bones.
I cautiously examine the tiny sac you cradle.

But you do all the handling. The delicate handling.
My spirit stirs with your movement, your reverence.
Perhaps you are rescuing the teachings.
My thoughts wander to this.

I notice a sac has ripped from a different time and I am overcome with grief.
Instinctually, I honor it with close examination,
yet the sight of its destruction saddens me greatly.
I have done this? I whisper intuitively.

You respond, a strong vibration of pure love and forgiveness.
I am overcome by your loving nature and I weep.
Perhaps you are rescuing me.
My thoughts wander to this.

*   *   *

Chakra Spider poem inspired by my drawing above, also while listening to Native American flute music for connecting with your power animal and healing meditation.

I like to unofficially experiment with drawing while listening to different genres of music. Have you ever tried this? What has been your experience? I’ve really only purposefully done this three times now, once during a meditation with music to open the pineal gland, and once while listening to disco. During this particular drawing–and also while writing the poem above–I was listening to Native American flute music. It definitely moved me, in fact I had the CD on repeat and spent two hours lost in the music, watching this drawing emerge from me, without a plan. You are invited to read on if you’re curious about how this one came about, a web of intuitive creation.

It began with music that reminded me of water drops, big fat water drops. I drew four droplets that turned into something resembling water, but changed into some kind of organic sac. From there I drew what started as a craggy finger but ended up with a fang-like claw on the tip, hooking an intact droplet. Every time I touched pen to paper, I went at it with absolutely no plan, I just drew what I was feeling without trying to make sense of it. The music played on and a “scrutinous” eye emerged next. Imagine by now the four droplets, the craggy-claw limb reaching out, yet floating in a random composition beneath the eye on white paper at this point.

Next came the hair, which felt important for me to include at the time in the form of a pronounced head-topping ponytail. I later realized it was speaking to my crown chakra, perhaps being activated by the music. The hair “grew” from drawing the brow/forehead line. Still these elements were disconnected, floating on paper. A nose appeared, separate yet flowing through my pen and the rest of the head came about to anchor these skewed features, including with a feather hanging across his cheek. I added a second fang-claw appendage, giving the first one more purpose and together they seemed to be carefully handling the “sac.” With this pair I had what struck me as spidery legs, nimble and dexterous and seemingly at home sprouting from this face. And with that he felt complete. The last detail I added was his finger from below holding a ripped, empty sac.

It was only then that I realized the intuitive connection between those spidery appendages and the focus I felt for the crown-topping pony tail. With this thought I was reminded that my animal companion (totem) related to my crown chakra is Spider. This was an “aha!” moment for me as the layers of interpretation came alive through this realization. Messages from my spider companion abounded and I am still receiving guidance through this drawing like something I have never experience before.

Perhaps it is something to try if you haven’t yet, you never know what will come through. I would love to hear (in the comments) any similar experiences you’ve had with your art or writing 🙂





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3 thoughts on “Spider Chakra

  1. That was an interesting insight, for sure😍 Try “Lark Ascending “…..the one I mentioned in that store to you. It always sparks a vivid image for me.

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  2. David and Nancy Salvatierra on said:

    Wow! Fascinating read describing the creative process😍

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