Who Wants To Be My Muse Today? SoulCollage®

IMG_5640 (640x481).jpg

Something Sensed
Something sticky,
Something icky,
Something mellow,
Something yellow,
Something kinda-sorta like
a glowing, flying fellow.

I randomly drew a SoulCollage® card with the question in mind, “Who wants to be my muse today?” My “Senses” card came up:

COMMITTEE The Senses copy

Senses (Committee)

“I am one who wants to be your muse today. I want to challenge your creativity by removing a sense you rely on daily, especially when doing something creative. Draw without observing, as in draw from your mind’s eye, to strengthen your sixth sense. Draw with your eyes closed. Draw using only touch to “see.” Draw a sound map or an abstract sketch of the sounds around you. Camouflage a subject within a drawing.  I offer you many ideas to creatively inspire you today, keep looking and listening, tasting, smelling, and touching the space around you. I am one who is your muse today.”

Inspired by these prompts I started adding to my art journal, beginning with a wheel of sticky-icky/mellow-yellow things one could find in nature through each of the five senses. From there I plan on using the above prompts to guide me in filling in the rest of the page.

Turns out to be a fun way to break in my new art journal. I would love to learn how much your other senses come into play in fueling your creativity. What have been your experiences when one of your senses is heightened, how could you apply that experience to your art-making or writing?



*   *   *






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One thought on “Who Wants To Be My Muse Today? SoulCollage®

  1. What a great challenge! I rely a lot on sight and sound.

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