Raven Catches the Sun


“Raven Catches the Sun” (Digitally altered photo M. Hedgecock)


When he is close, my spirit soars.
A visceral pull, I can’t ignore.
Now Raven lands with a raspy caw.
His strong beak picks at a scaly claw.

My eyes squint in the winter sun,
As bright as the mind of this desert son.
According to his ancient story
Black feathers singed by fiery glory.

I watch him stretch his charcoal wing,
What gift today, do you have to bring?
He cocks his head and speaks to me
My story! He caws quite wildly,

The day I was the clever one,
Who flew close enough to catch the sun.
The day I brought light to everyone.
Now, forever marked as the darkened one.






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6 thoughts on “Raven Catches the Sun

  1. Really adore the photo and the poem is wonderful!

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  2. Love the photo…

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  3. Nancy on said:

    So talent little niece and now more poetry…… Love!

    Sent from my iPhone


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