5th Chakra: Owl Companion


“Owl” Companion card. (M. Hedgecock)

My newest Companion SoulCollage® card, “Owl” came to me during a meditation to meet my Throat Chakra animal. I was focusing on my 5th chakra during the guided meditation. As our guided journey progressed, I distinctly heard a wind chime. I’m not sure if it was on the CD I was listening to, but I can say that it was a sound I’d never noticed before in the background music of the meditation which I’ve listened to many, many times. A great horned owl appeared in front of me, close enough that as it magically “hovered” in front of me, I could feel the wind moving my hair wildly with each wing beat. Its wings were flapping forward and backward, and I could feel its feathery tips caressing my throat, looking right at me. There was no misinterpretation for me that this beautiful bird, a bird of the night, was presenting itself as my animal companion to my throat chakra.

A birder friend of mine long ago taught me how to identify and answer great horned owl calls. I’ve enjoyed exchanges with them ever since: several times during night courses in college, many times in our backyard with one that frequents our neighborhood, and on camping trips and night hikes. I’ve even taught my son the same call which we successfully got a response from two great horned owls close to our backyard one evening.

Click here to listen to a great horned owl duo.

I had forgotten these moments until this morning, weeks after “meeting” it in the meditation. It’s kind of an automatic response when I hear one, to “h-h-hoo, hoo, hoo” back, so I was struck with the perfection that the chakra centered on communication and listening is represented by an animal that I have exchanged calls with.  The feather “ear tufts” that look like ears on the great horned owl (but are not) speak to listening. As do the uniquely soft-tipped feathers of owls in general that allow its silent flight-part of the gift of silence required to truly listen. Perhaps a whole new level of communication will reveal itself to me as this animal guides me and gives me voice in ways I certainly need to explore, establish, and refine.

Owl meaning is commonly associated with dreams, psychic awareness, other worlds/dimensions, secret knowledge. I’ve read they speak the language of the trees, the night, the wind, the moon, the sky. What I am familiar with of owl’s habits and habitat will guide me to learn its language even further in my attempt to keep my throat chakra of communication and listening open.

What was it like to meet one of your animal companions? How does it guide you?






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