Tune To The Moon Challenge


I recently treated myself to this beautiful oracle deck which is inspired directly by the moon cycle. Shortly after receiving my deck, the creators of the moon deck offered a 29-day Instagram “Tune To The Moon” challenge. The challenge invited participants to pull a card each day prompted by the deck’s moon phases and themes.

Tune To The Moon challenge.jpg

It was a great challenge for personal reflection and the communal synchronicity revealed beyond my personal readings each night. I also piggy-backed my own SoulCollage® readings on some days, using the prompts provided (they are great prompts for all card types as you can see!).

During the month long challenge, these moon cards came up the most in my daily readings: Preparation (3 x’s), Surrender (3 x’s), Hibernation, Expansion, and Rebirth (each 2 x’s).

I made note of the their order of appearance and how these particular themes repeated and cycled throughout the month. It was most interesting to me that this experience revealed a definite order and cycle of: PREPARATION, REBIRTH, SURRENDER, HIBERNATION, EXPANSION. The Universe was bonking me over the head with the guidance I needed to see, connecting my own insight with the unique interpretations of the cards.

Things like being better prepared in moving my ideas forward and also taking my health more seriously–which I am finding more and more, these two particular things are quite closely connected if I wish to continue on this healing path. Surrendering to the help and support that is all around me (I tend to let my pride get in the way of that), but also in the need to simply surrender to more sleep and better sleep as a critical key in restoring mentally and physically. Allowing hibernation of ideas and plans (preparation), mind and body, naturally leads to greater expansion and greater creativity. Doing these things the smart way for me will expand my abilities, my offerings, my goals and my growth.

Combined with the provided prompts, the challenge made me pay attention to parts of myself I was wasn’t truly acknowledging. Like in SoulCollage®, certain cards and messages will repeatedly present themselves until you acknowledge and even take action as guided in their messages. Your inner “tribe” knows you best, meaning the answers, the intuitive knowledge, resides deep within and these tools are a great way to clear the chatter and connect with this free source.

Even if you’re not into oracle cards or SoulCollage® this same wisdom that resides deep within you still manages to find its way to the surface by repeating experiences until you take notice of the knowledge to be gained from it.

What are your favorite ways to tap this personal knowledge within you? Meditation? Dream tending? Nature? Creating art? Writing? 

*  *  *

The Spirit de la Lune moon cards mentioned above can be found here. 

If you wish to see my journey with these cards and prompts you can find them herebeginning 5/6/16.







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