Summer Solstice Full Moon



“Only the moon seeks to be whole.”     M. Hedgecock found poem.

Today’s full moon also marks the Summer solstice. The full moon on its own represents the peak of clarity and fullness. The Summer Solstice is a highly spiritual time and celebrates the light of consciousness, our potential for enlightenment and awakening. A time that combines these two events is something that happens once in a lifetime. Now is the time to explore our spiritual and creative depths with the gentle guidance of this powerful full moon and solstice energy that is rooted in familial wisdom that spans generations.

We do this when we seek to feel whole, yet there is great power in surviving the infinite ways we are challenged, even broken but still emerge standing albeit with a few missing pieces. These sticky strands of experience spin our web of life. Like tattered webs they capture our story for us to examine, and we seek new characters, unexpected twists and turns, alternative endings and next chapters. We are seeking to fill in pages of our story. Maybe the beauty of not feeling “whole” is that it pushes us to continue on with our story (to get back up again), to see where it takes us and what plot twist or challenge will lead us to our greatest potential.






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One thought on “Summer Solstice Full Moon

  1. Love the spider web analogy

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