Black-out Poem: Stargazing


“Stargazing” by Michelle Hedgecock, 2016

quietness detected / the blue luminosity of stars / objects of art hung in the balance / accustomed to the moment.

I love the play and unpredictable nature of black-out poetry, you never know the direction the poem might take you. The magic of this particular poem for me happened when the Orion constellation appeared after creating this celestial theme poem. I had just painted in background when at once I “saw” Orion’s belt in the words “objects of art.” I noticed some of the other words matched in similar positions to certain stars in the Orion constellation. The words chosen to create this poem evolved from the night sky, but the fact that they also created (near perfectly) the constellation Orion-a picture in the sky, an object of art so to speak-was, to me, a truly astronomical outcome.









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2 thoughts on “Black-out Poem: Stargazing

  1. Thank you auntie! I shall share the secret with you, and you’ll be hooked 🙂


  2. Nancy on said:

    These are so cool Michelle and particularly this one. Just amazing. Your perception is so keen. I have tried several times but always get stuck and can’t finish. You would think with all the reading I do, this wouldn’t be such a frustrating challenge but alas the ol’ brain just short circuits! Still I do love your creations and continues to be awed!

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