Poem: A Night In The Forest


“I am one who moves between what you can see and what you cannot see. I am the forest within you.” 

A Night In The Forest

I fall asleep to awaken.
A peripheral glimpse I do not question.
I am awake, my cells manic in contrast to the quiet earth I sit upon.
You present yourself as a wavering image. Cautious. Poised.
I present myself in miniature, a tiny hitchhiker on your shoulder,
grasping at a dewy, stringy veil flowing from you.

You begin to move, gliding along the forest floor, yet you leave footprints.
I hold on tightly—a butterfly on a mammoth—as trees and moss move by in silence,
boulders and flashes of green light appear on and off around us.

Mother Earth awakens.
I am giddy with energy I do not question.
I am awake, my blood flows with ancestral memories of once knowing your ways.
I am suddenly overwhelmed with grief. Forgotten are the invisible ones.
Your breath fills the crisp air in warm billowing clouds. A breeze blows over me.
I wake, pulling a broken, dewy strand of a spider web from my cheek.


©Michelle Hedgecock 2016

Squatchy Council art mandala ©Michelle Hedgecock 2016




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4 thoughts on “Poem: A Night In The Forest

  1. Laura on said:

    I’m in love with this poem. Very descriptive. You took me on the journey with you.


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