Poem: Giving In


Giving In

Slightly swaying in the low afternoon sun,
I’m cocooned in a fringed hammock.
I hear my dog running through the rocky dirt
as she beads in on a chatty raven flying low, just above us.

Intently she follows its charcoal path. I follow with my ears.
Her dogged determination, her desire to protect
against every intruder to our space makes me smile.
She isn’t always successful.

The perched raven caws loudly, wings flapping.
Dog tags jingle back to me in a soft whimper,
velvety ears find my hand hanging over the side of the hammock.
Good girl.

A cat in the window chirps at the large, black bird
but the raven does not hear him. Only I do. Faintly.
I feel a warm lick on my hand when the breeze picks up again,
cooling wet fingers. My body gives in.
Good girl.



•MH• 2016 ©Michelle Hedgecock



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4 thoughts on “Poem: Giving In

  1. Thank you, Pownkies! 🙂


  2. Pownkie on said:

    Love this….I saw and heard all of it in my mind’s eye

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