The Right Pass, the Enlightened Pass

COMMITTEE Miserable One (640x399)

“Miserable One” Committee card. M. Hedgecock

A couple of weeks ago, my SoulCollage® group gathered for a monthly reading. I presented an exercise that followed along the previous day’s workshop theme of “déjà vu” and repeating elements. I invited everyone to draw a card–making sure they were comfortable with 6 other people doing their own reading with it–if not, for example if it was a new card, or one not read before, they could put it back and pull a different one. Everyone was comfortable with the first card they randomly pulled. We each wrote down an open-ended question for this reading, with the understanding that only we would be privy to our own question throughout the entire reading experience.

We began by journaling with our own card, with an IAOW exercise including an answer to our question. After our initial journaling with our own cards, we passed our card to the right. This meant we now had our neighbor’s card from the left. On a fresh piece of paper, we journaled an IAOW, followed by “my secret for you today is…” or “my gift to you today…” for the card in front of us. We did not answer according to our own private question. We simply journaled what the image(s) spoke to us, documenting the card’s message to us without expectation. We then folded this journal entry for this card in half, placed it underneath the card and passed both the card with our journaled page for the card to the right.

We now had a new card in front of us. We journaled for this card, again on a fresh piece of paper, the same way: IAOW and “My gift to you…” We folded the paper, placed it underneath the card with the other folded piece of paper that came with it and passed it to the right. And so on, until you get your card back.

There were seven of us that evening, and we all agreed that with each card we journaled for, the process became easier and easier. So much so, that a couple of participants wished they could re-write their journal entries for the first 2-3 cards!

When we were finished we now had 6 additional readings for our own card. Now it was time to privately read each journal page that came back with our card. We read these pages with our question in mind. I encouraged everyone to take notes, paying attention to any similarities, circling words or phrases they liked from these other journal entries for our card, and of course anything that stuck our for us personally in relation to our original question. We discovered amazing insight that directly related to our questions as well as surprising interpretations that offered incredibly well-rounded perspectives on our question. From all of this information, our final task was to compile this guidance from the many (fellow Collagers), that came from the one (our card), and we journaled a thoughtful, collaborative answer to our question.

I was so impressed by the synchronicity that revealed itself layer upon layer during this exercise. One Collager described the experience as giving and receiving 6 meaningful gifts. I couldn’t agree more.

What was also interesting is that many of us confessed we had pulled cards we weren’t crazy about, and thought about sticking them back in our decks, but decided to trust the process and see what happened. I was one of those, when I pulled my “Miserable One” card, typically a shadow card for me.  But every reading that came back was so positive, with observations I had never paid much attention too and interpretations that were so compassionate. I felt quite emotional about it, it was so supportive in the context to my question–yet of course no else knew what my question was. That was a gift in itself. The insight that followed fell right in to place with my question. We unanimously agreed we would definitely try this exercise again, it was very fun and enlightening.

My question was, “What is the easier way?” My answer was full of frustration, echoing only temporary avoidance and distraction. However the overwhelming theme in the journal pages that came back to me repeatedly offered patience, looking deeper, balancing/activating chakras 6 & 7, trust, tolerance, “rain is coming.” It was really very insightful, beautiful. I felt like this Neter finally felt acknowledged for its light, in my eyes. I believe that is part of what made feel so emotional. My compassion and appreciation for this card is now acknowledged.

The simple intention of this exercise was to give my group more practice in reading cards (not many are entirely comfortable doing this on their own yet), and emphasizing the range of interpretation, emotion, or readings one can get from a card. To appreciate our personal perspectives and respect the chosen imagery we use to communicate our private journeys. This was certainly part of the experience as we discovered during our enthusiastic discussion, but this exercise moved us far beyond those initial intentions in a most insightful way. I hope you can try it with your group!

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