Moon Barrels: Let Us Drink In Her Magic

Moon barrels, let us drink in her magic. (Digitally altered photos, "Moon Barrels" Michelle Hedgecock)

Moon barrels, let us drink in her magic.
(Original photos, digitally altered, “Moon Barrels” ©Michelle Hedgecock)

How lucky we are to have the moon in our back yard. Anytime we wish to see her, we just open the door, or perhaps look out our window and there she is, eagerly waiting for your conversation. She is treasure trove of mythology and cultural stories, but most of all she is such a good listener.

The moon has a profound way of connecting each and every one of us the moment we look at her. I like to wonder when I gaze at the moon, how many other beings are sharing in her magic at that moment. And I feel connected. It is beautiful.

She is there for us, timeless, consistent. She moves oceans for us, she guides us. She certainly inspires us. How lucky we are to have the moon watch over us, speak to us, console us.

Doesn’t she make you smile every single time you see her? I know. I love her moods, sometimes she is veiled and shy, at other times bright and full, but always revealing her trust in you with every phase in between.

tell the Moon your dreams memeShe is both ancient and ageless. She is a witness, a goddess, a confidant for the countless stars who shine with her (like you and I). For some, the moon holds their heart, for some she is their soul. For some she is darkness, for some she is light.

She is music because sometimes I dance under her spell, and she is my moonlit bath when I sleep or swim under cover of her muted light. Sometimes she is bold and visits during the day, but my favorite time with her is at night, her spirit shines brightly at night.

So no matter what day it is, please join me in gazing at the moon tonight, and we will connect through her moon magic and revel in this shared energy that is her gift.

Moon blessings ♥


MH 2016




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