Freedom From Hunger Is In A Song

song altered text swap 2-2014

“Freedom from hunger is in a song.” Black-out poetry MH 2014

Freedom from hunger is in a song. What does this mean to you? The memory of this little piece of black-out poetry I did a couple of years ago was re-ignited while heading home on a road trip from Arizona.  We stopped to refuel at a busy gas station, more like a travel center with a store, showers, snacks, even an outdoor market full of colorful Mexican imports. As I stepped out of the car, I heard this great live music playing, a guy playing his guitar with some impressive acoustics provided by the partly covered pump lanes. I thought, what welcome entertainment for weary travelers. I sure enjoyed his music while pumping gas–there is something about live music that makes me breathe deep and want to soak it in.

When I was done pumping gas, I grabbed a few bucks from my purse and placed it in his open guitar case and thanked him. He thanked me while he continued playing and told me he had a show in Yuma to get to by that night, so he was playing for the $6 in gas money he needed to get there.  It looked like he had enough to get him there, but he kept on playing. Freedom from hunger is in a song. That hunger can be something tangible, or symbolize something less tangible. So many of us had congregated around this one stop to refuel whether it be with gas, food, renewed energy, even an uplifting of spirit through an unexpected song. In this respect, for the time being, this musician freed many of us of our hunger. How lucky for all of us that our circumstances placed each of us at that very busy gas station in the middle of the desert, where we would eventually refuel with whatever it was we needed.

“Focus on the powerful, euphoric, magical, synchronistic, beautiful parts of life, and the universe will keep giving them to you.” ~Unknown


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•MH• NOV2015


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One thought on “Freedom From Hunger Is In A Song

  1. I just got around to reading this….hidden in tons of emails I had neglected. How nice to read it during the Holidays. I, too, enjoy hearing live music anywhere….we’ve heard some while shopping around the big-box stores and it is always an unexpected, joyful pleasure.

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