Highway Muse


Hwy. 74, CA. (Photo Michelle Hedgecock© 2015)

This is a view along the winding highway connecting the desert floor with the mountains that are the backdrop of this desert land I love. The patina mountains in the photo are part of the short Santa Rosa mountain range that extend from the jagged behemoth of Mt. San Jacinto, which stands at an entirely impressive 10,834 ft. a few miles to the west (or right) of this shot. With active faults responsible for prehistoric uplift and tilting of the range, it is a timeless and rugged library of the most ancient earth stories one can read directly from the pages of exposed strata and geology. In less than an hour, you travel through five distinct life zones due to the quick ascent in elevation partnered with the unique weather and environmental niches created by the topography of the land. One could be buzzed by a hummingbird one moment, then entertained by the chatter of mountain jays less than an hour later.

It’s a drive that begs you to pull over, begs your exploration, begs your attention. It is a drive we do about once a week and each time I see something new to fall in love with, from wildlife to weather, from morning light to deep afternoon shadows, and all the seasonal floral changes in between. It is a muse for my muse.

Point In Time
Loose gravel trickles away

with the stroke of my fingertips.
An ancient surface
dark with patina lays bare
while hummingbirds court
under a velvety blue sky bejeweled with
their high-pitched song of existence;
My breath hovers between
the past and the future.


©Michelle Hedgecock, 2011 (inspired by a winter walk in a desert wash, Santa Rosa Mountains.)


*   *   *

•MH• 2015



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2 thoughts on “Highway Muse

  1. That was beautiful….you have such a gift of wordage!

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