The Dharma of SoulCollage(R)

Circles (Community Suit)

Circle (Community Suit)

“Anatta” is the mystifying teaching of “not self,” referring to the Buddhist concept that there is “no self.” As a westerner, this has always perplexed me but recently this was interpreted during our dharma talk to mean there is no permanent, non-changing, non-evolving self.  This was a light bulb moment of understanding (dare I say an enlightened moment). This concept was explained simply, and in a way I could finally understand. Anatta, in this context, seemed much akin to the idea of SoulCollage® in that our deck is a representation of our self, with guidance and interpretation that is also continuously evolving, not static, always changing. Just as like us.

The dharma talk included the interdependent and interconnected wisdom of “no self” as there is nothing we do individually as “I” or “me” because in fact it ultimately affects all in the universal picture. We are not the center of the Universe (gasp!), we are a blip on the radar of the Universe, an interdependent part of a grander reality–there is no self, because we are an interconnected part of a whole. In our SoulCollage® deck, I feel this speaks to our Source card. This made me think of another parallel between the Buddhist concept of anatta and SoulCollage® referring to “the one and the many” principle underlying the SoulCollage® practice. To paraphrase Seena Frost, the Founder of SoulCollage®, we are each one whole being, yet at the same time made up of many parts (as represented by our deck). Just as your family is many, yet one family. The same is true when thinking of the larger picture: our planet, our solar system, the universe. All life is interdependent and interconnected to exist as a whole. All cards in our deck are deeply interwoven with the energy and guidance that emanates from our Source card.

At first thought, there might be conflict with my SoulCollage® practice. After all, through SoulCollage® I am on a personal journey to discover and reveal my unique individual self–the opposite of what the dharma teaches. Yet, the practice of SoulCollage® expects and relies on the fact that my deck represents my whole self–at any moment (never static), and is made of interconnected aspects that continuously evolve over time and experience in order to reflect my ever-changing self. Or as my buddha nature side might call, no self 🙂

To really punch up the excitement, the concept of “emptiness” was also discussed, along with an easier interpretation I could begin to wrap my head around: emptiness is not to be “lacking” of something, but is instead the potential of possibilities. Doesn’t this sound like our SoulEssence card?! Whoa. Cool! It was a Dharma/SoulCollage® mashup!

The SoulCollage® community is like another sangha for me, and the benefits of both expand through an inviting network of sharing, honoring and bonding for the greater good–collagers simply want to share SoulCollage® with others!

I love when the things we find meaningful provoke like thought or find common ground, it validates the best parts of what makes each experience or learning so valuable. How has SoulCollage® manifested along your own spiritual path? What are some parallels you’ve noticed in teachings? Do you have faith-based cards or suits?


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MH 11-3-2015

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6 thoughts on “The Dharma of SoulCollage(R)

  1. Marianne Kelley on said:

    Mmmm, beautiful blog…It reminds me of the poem:
    I sought my soul, my soul I could not see
    I sought my God, my God eluded me
    But I sought my fellow man and found all three.
    This may be why we can “read” ourselves even when using someone else’s SoulCollage(R) cards, because we are really all parts of each other, even part of the animals and inanimate objects that may be voiced in a card. We all flow together as “All”…we are not self, but everything.


    • Hi Marianne, I remember that poem from somewhere in my life. It’s a wonderful poem. I appreciate your insight about the idea of why we can “read” ourselves when using someone else’s cards, each of us parts of an even bigger whole. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!


  2. Laura Huff on said:

    Beautifully thought out and written blog. You put it in a way that I, too, can understand. Trying to wrap my head around Buddhist philosophy when I have a Western mind is often difficult. I tend to question and analyze and make it much harden than it is. When it becomes simplified, it seems much more attainable and understandable.
    As is Soul Collage. Not complicated like I sometimes try to make it out to be. It is really a pureness that comes easily when we drop preconceived ideas and “just go with it”!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. dmstauber on said:

    This reminds me of a Zen image I love: the big big ocean, in which individual waves rise and fall. Each wave is unique and individual yet at the same time part of the larger ocean. And yes, my cards are each waves in my larger self!

    Liked by 1 person

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