Blue Jay

Blue Jay (Community)

Blue Jay (Community)

I found this image of a Blue Jay, more colorful than the mountain Steller’s and scrub jays I’m used to seeing. But they are a beautiful, striking bird in any region with their bright, deep blue feathers. Jays are a clever and resourceful (scrappy!) bird and this colorful image drew me in just like their crazy-loud chatter draws your attention away from whatever it is they are truly up to. I made a card with it and it immediately felt like a natural addition to my deck–and with a most timely message.

I am one who captures your attention with my vibrant appearance and my entertaining curiosity. I am one who noisily distracts you away from what I really want or want to protect. Pay attention.  I bring you messages of “potential,” and “clarity.”

scrub jay featherI will always look up further meanings for any animal that makes its presence known to me or catches my attention. Blue Jay medicine speaks of many similar things, but I noticed a theme emerge through
multiple sources: you are coming into a time in your life when you are understanding your own power, and how to best use it properly. Sounds exciting! It also falls in step with action I’m taking right now in my life. Does this message resonate with you when Blue Jay crosses your path in the form of a found feather, or sighting, perhaps in a card you’ve received or an image you’ve come across? What does Blue Jay represent for you?

I notice I’m gravitating toward making animal cards with specific animals representing the symbolic or spiritual meanings of these creatures. These are not Companion suit animals, so I am beginning to add them to my Community suit because they appear in my life (I believe) as mentors/teachers, like my Blue Jay card. At some point, a few might become Council cards, like my Raven card became for me.

What animal cards are in your deck that guide you through their spiritual meanings and are not a part of your Companion suit?

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4 thoughts on “Blue Jay

  1. That is a really beautiful image you found! I guess the closest thing I have to a card that’s about the animal itself (rather than its qualities or actions) but isn’t a Companion card is my Leo card ( …

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  2. I loved the reading you got from that striking image. I, too, need to make some animal cards….rattlesnake, squirrel, chickadees, and deer….jays, too! Maybe mice.

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