Tornado Rider

Tornado Rider (Committee)

Tornado Rider (Committee)

I am one who knows no fear, no boundaries–the one who will hitch a ride on a tornado. I am one who doesn’t think about what could go wrong, nor do I even care. I am one in search of extreme thrills by abandoning and rebelling against all control; who willingly jumps in recklessly and completely spontaneously, without forethought–whatever happens happens, good or bad. I am one who dares you to keep up with me.

“Tornado Rider” created itself. It came together one afternoon, purely by aesthetics in that I just liked the way these images came together. The tornado was the leading image, the image that evoked emotion from me (anxiety and fear).  I liked the feel of the child on the swing in contrast to this destructive natural event. I was not actively looking for an image to create such a contrast, I just thought it looked “whimsical” and different, and though I believe the interpretation of the image to be ambiguous, at the time I thought, “look at this crazy kid! YOLO! Can you imagine?”

I had no idea where this card came from, what it had to say, or what message it could possibly relate to me. But I have always trusted the SoulCollage(R) process and when I was ready, I knew it would speak to me. And it finally did. Not through a reading, but as a recurring thought about the card, I just wanted to know what it had to say.  So I pulled it out of my pile and expected the tornado to “speak” to me with thoughts of huge, heavy things being cleared and such. But it was the crazy kid on the swing that had a message for me instead.  And in the second part of this impromptu reading, the girl continued:

My message to you today is to remember how productive you are when you are not weighed down by fear or boredom. Your creativity lies in your willingness to be spontaneous and worry-free about making mistakes or rocking the boat and allowing deeper truths.  Jump in with less thinking, clear away these traps when they dot your landscape, ride the emotional tornado, shake things up. Rebel against your comfort zones, rock the boat, please start creating from the storm, ride the storm!  You can’t make me stop. I am here to challenge you to keep up with me.

This card’s message (my inner rebellious child?) calls me out and it’s already made me do some serious thinking that I know will stick with me for a few days–I’m feeling exhilarated and pushed. Shoved.

Have one of your cards stepped up to challenge you in some area of your life?

Does “Tornado Rider” speak to you at all?

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7 thoughts on “Tornado Rider

  1. I don’t know how much Tornado Rider there is in me, but I like what this card had to say 🙂 I do take risks, but I like them calculated … what can I say?

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    • LOL, Heather…me too! I might think I do “risky” things (in my opinion), but only knowing the odds are probably in my favor against anything damaging. I’m more “adventurous,” and less death-defying risk taker. I’m going with: it’s more experienced wisdom, less stupidity. 😉 LOL

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  2. I like this, Michelle. an I copy it to the Bathtub Bulletin?

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  3. dmstauber on said:

    I love this card and the description of your process. I’m just starting with SoulCollage, and I find myself putting images together just because I like the way they look, and then worrying that that’s not the “right” way to do it. It was so validating to hear that you started this one in just the same way! This process is all about trust. I wonder what the card I just made is going to tell me?

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    • dmstauber, thank you and thank you for taking time to comment! I’m excited for you that you found SoulCollage(R). You are so right, the process is about trust, including the openness and patience that also goes along with the trusting. Right now, I’d say 95% of the ladies who come to my workshops & card making sessions, make cards with “no intention” —in fact it’s the way I always suggests to anyone new to SoulCollage(R): just make cards you like, don’t try to create a story or a message. It’s their favorite way and always quite insightful when we do readings with those cards!

      Most of my cards are created this way, with no intention, by putting images together “simply” because I liked the way they look. I’ve learned how much that is key in the intuitive experience of SoulCollage(R)….it proves that somewhere we are listening to and allowing our intuitive knowledge to come through! Some cards, like the one in the post just seem to be so unrelated to anything I can imagine, but I still go with it and they always find a way through with the most fitting messages 🙂

      Thank you again for stopping by and sharing your experiences too!


      • dmstauber on said:

        Thanks, Michelle! I have also been making cards for specific people and committee cards (I’ve done a lot of work through Fluent Self on identifying and talking to parts of myself, and it’s so fun to give them visual life). I need to do more no-intention ones. Thanks again for the inspiration!

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