“Butterfly Boy” | Two Poems

Butterfly Boy (Committee Suit)

Butterfly Boy (Committee Suit)


I’ve landed in a black and white world.
Where people wear masks
and our most colorful dances are short-lived.

I’ve settled in a black and white world.
Unaware that our survival depends

on experiencing a shared resilience.

I’ve rejected a black and white world.
Seeking to become a transformed being,

migrating in color. Resilient. Like a butterfly.

Playing with poetry using my SoulCollage(R) cards is an exercise I enjoy.  I begin by journaling my I Am One Who… reading for a randomly chosen card.  From there I like to create found poems (using words directly from my reading, in any order), haiku, or free verse poems inspired from the reading.  I’ve found my poems to be either related to the reading, or sometimes emerge as completely unrelated expressions.


One way to pull a poem from journaling. Here I circled words that move me or have meaning for me, outside of the reading.


On this day, with this card, it was the butterfly image that spoke to me during my IAOW journaling. It became clear to me that I was holding the chaotic energy of the news and events happening in the nation and the world inside.  It felt good to release a bit of this frustration I was unaware of carrying beyond my “surface” emotions. The haiku emerged second and it feels hopeful.

Butterfly Boy

Short-lived. Resilient.
I am migrating color.
A transformed being.


Poems (2015) and SoulCollage(R) card (2014) by Michelle Hedgecock


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5 thoughts on ““Butterfly Boy” | Two Poems

  1. you are so clever that way

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  2. Beautiful haiku Michelle 🙂

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  3. Nancy Salvatierra on said:

    Fascinating how these pieces emerge. So much talent dear niece! Thanks for sharing

    Sent from my iPhone


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    • Auntie, thank you! I do like practicing this exercise. It takes (me) a while to “get started,” but pulling from the journaling (any journaling, not just SoulCollaging) is so interesting what turns up in the poems 🙂


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