Desert Protector: SoulCollage(R) Cards and the Environment


Desert Protector (Committee)

Desert Protector (Committee) “I am one who sees the value in just one man’s actions. I am one who sees our Earth Mother in the hearts of those who love and value the desert.  I am one who is ancient and patient and determined to survive for future generations.  I am one who must rely on the responsibilities of others in order to survive. I am one who cannot live without the desert. I am just like you.

Recently, a Facebook post (detailed below) invited Collagers to participate in a project that explores how SoulCollage(R) is used as a creative way to see how others view the environment. As the 45th anniversary of Earth Day 2015 approaches this was a natural extension for me to explore further through the cards in my own deck and as guidance for creating new cards.

Our environment has experienced both wins and losses in our world-community efforts to protect our planet’s natural resources, habitat health, and precious species.  We humans are an ever-present presence, ready to protect and fight for the bigger picture of a healthier, sustainable planet in hopes of supporting our own exponential growth. But because there aren’t many eco-systems we have left truly pristine or “untouched,” we have also invaded, manipulated and exploited natural environments at such an accelerated pace, that the evolutionary adaptations of many plants and animals can no longer keep up and species are dying off to extinction.  Further, it so often seems like money or our own needs/desires undermine the greater good of what little effort is needed to make a positive impact in protecting our environments.

Eco-tourist (Community)

Eco-tourist (Community)  “IAOW needs protection. I am one who’s place on this planet is valued by many yet suffers in my most primitive needs. I am one who thrives on wild instincts so I may contribute to the survival of my species and the health of the planet’s cycles. I am one who’s natural rhythms, resources, and habitats are manipulated, disrupted and exploited for eager encounters with those who are not a natural part of my wild existence. I am one who is affected by those who love me and want to protect me, because they desire so much to be a part of my world in order to enhance theirs. I am one who has survived the pace of evolution, but is now failing to adapt quickly enough in an accelerated world. I am one who is loved by many, but is growing more alone.”

As you can imagine, these feelings of environmental wins and losses have managed to reveal themselves in my SoulCollage(R) deck in many ways. Some are direct, some a little more abstract. Yet the role of environmentally-themed cards in my deck seem to speak to my desire to protect, balanced with the need to be responsible and focused in our choices in how we protect. Having cards with this underlying theme suggests to me the need to include a Council card that supports the environmental protector or seeker of environmental balance–an archetype Earth Mother card. This is my goal as Earth Day 2015 approaches.

How have your environmental thoughts and ideas revealed themselves in your deck? Please feel welcomed to share your thoughts and SoulCollage(R) cards in the comments  🙂

This post was inspired by fellow Facilitator Jodi Gehr who invites us to explore our environmental views as expressed in our SoulCollage(R) cards.  Her daughter is working on a project which offers the opportunity to combine our cards and the environment or our environmental politics.  For more details and to participate in her project by sharing your environmentally themed SoulCollage(R) cards, please click here.

4/27/15 UPDATE: Jessica Gehr’s, “Using SoulCollage® to Analyze Thoughts on the Environment” can be read here. Her findings on our environmental views show an interesting trend. Please take a few minutes to see what resulted, and to see some wonderful SoulCollage(R) cards.


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6 thoughts on “Desert Protector: SoulCollage(R) Cards and the Environment

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  2. I do too, Heather, the environment is definitely a familiar theme, but I have never devoted one directly to a council card to represent it really. And now you just made me think of possibly creating an actual “Earth Day” card in honor of those little grassroots movements that can grow into substantial changes 🙂


    • I like that idea too 🙂 I’m planning to make a card tomorrow representing nature in some way. I found an image of a Spirit Bear (I didn’t know these were a real thing–they’re beautiful!) that spoke to me.

      Btw, don’t know if you saw this call for environmental cards … maybe some of your group members would like to participate?

      Liked by 1 person

      • I only learned about Spirit Bears a couple of years ago while exploring Native American animal meanings, which led me somewhat indirectly to sites about these actual bears. They are beautiful to see pictures of, can you imagine what it would be like to catch a glimpse of one in real life!

        Thank you for sharing the call for environmental cards, I shared her project with my local group, I hope she gets some feedback. I referenced her project in my post with links, in fact Jodi’s post about her daughter’s project actually inspired this post of mine. It’s a great project, isn’t it? I’m curious as to what info she will accumulate..


      • I found the Spirit Bear picture I used in an NRDC newsletter, which is also how I learned about them. It would be amazing to see one! I would love to visit the Great Bear Rainforest. I have submitted my card to Jessica’s project (it’s also up on my blog here: and I can’t wait to see the others!


  3. I love the idea of making a card for Earth Day 🙂


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