Sisterhood Card

Sisterhood (Council)

Sisterhood (Community)

Today I spent and leisurely lunch full of laughter and food sharing in the company of four wonderful “sisters” in my life including my cousin, one of my best friends, my auntie, and my mom. It was a story-filled gathering that covered a range of topics that would make mere mortals (or “men” I say in jest) blush–if one were able to keep up with the conversations flying left and right. It’s a goddess thing talent.

Later in the afternoon I decided to get in a single card reading, this time using my SoulCollage(R) app and wouldn’t you know it, up popped my “Sisterhood” card.  How perfectly appropriate to pull this card after spending an afternoon blessed in the community of sisterhood.  I was eager to see what this card had to say today:

“I am one who indulges in the company of the crazy, awesome women in my life.  I am one who is timeless: lost in excitedly whispered conversation, rallied by the courageous accomplishments of women before us, re-uniting with an old friend and picking up exactly where we left off, or marveling at the timeless wisdom to be learned and experienced among us.”

“I am one who came into your life today through your friends and family and your shared memories. I am one who brings generations together and weaves these stories into the DNA of our future little gods and goddesses.”

I was in a little bit of disbelief when this card came up for me, especially in the synchronicity that I had just returned from my afternoon in the company of these special women that are a part of my daily life. I interpreted the card and the reading as an exclamation point to a wonderful afternoon. A joyful feminine energy that stopped by to highlight and agree with the sincere GIFT it is to have these relationships in my life and in so many treasured expressions of friendships and family. Sisters who I can count on for anything, anytime–and they on me.

What community or relationships have you recognized in your SoulCollage(R) deck? I would love to hear your inspiration.

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7 thoughts on “Sisterhood Card

  1. What a beautiful card and reading! I need more ‘sisters’ in my life 🙂

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  2. EXACTLY what Nancy said! A really fun time with wonderful “sisters”!

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  3. Nancy Salvatierra on said:

    How special you make us all sound and indeed we are! We’ve seen the best and worst of each other and through it all, respect and cherish the relationships we’ve been gifted….I love you!

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