Monster Mitosis II


'Monster Mitosis II'

‘Monster Mitosis II’


Monster Mitosis

Stomach growling, bloodshot eyes,
almost finished mounting slides.

Re-examining droplets of muck,
As rumor has it we’d found our luck.

Studying samples from a recent trip
(the one where I slipped and cut my lip).

Who would’ve guessed the gunk I slid upon,
and that disgusting ick on the rock that I fell upon,

Was an alien goo full of unknown creatures,
with microscopic monster features?

Yet here I watch in disbelief
while a micro-monster divides–what a feat!

My eyes are blinking, scanning this and that,
counting floating eyeballs and–ew, what’s that?

One thing I will conclude, without doubt
Is that little red guy is about to reach out.

*  *  *

And the moral of this fine discovery?
Never stop believing in all things monster-y.

(And also it pays to be a bit of clumsy.)

*  *  *


Poem and illustration by Michelle Hedgecock 




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