Mandala Lizard

'Mandala Lizard" ATC by M. Hedgecock

‘Mandala Lizard” ATC (M. Hedgecock). Ink, colored pencil. artist trading card, 2-1/2″ x 3-1/2″

The mandala has a long cultural history with specific meanings given to symbols, design, colors, even in the intent or purpose for creating one.  The cyclic nature of a mandala is appealing to me and the detailed patterns of repeating elements that grow into elaborate designs are places  I can get lost, focus my mind, and find inspiration.

I enjoy working with mandalas in art, it’s meditative and the very nature of their meaning draws me toward connection, balance, spirituality and self.  The interpretations are limitless and bound only by imagination.

With that in mind, I had a little fun creating this Mandala Lizard for an ATC swap with the theme: Fantasy Creatures.  Lizards have that wise, ancient look to them.  They can be completely still for hours, only to dash away in a tremendous burst of speed–leaving you to wonder what exactly it was.  Almost magical.  So I thought, what creature would display the wisdom and mysticism of the ancients?  What about that creature would captivate you through color and pattern, drawing you under their spell?  The Mandala Lizard. 

"Ele-bee" ATC by Michelle  Hedgecock

“Ele-bee” ATC by Michelle Hedgecock

Inspiration for a fantasy creature can come from just about anywhere. I once had a dream about a bumblebee with a tiny elephant head, which was actually cute and not scary in my dream. I sketched it out the moment I woke up.

What fantasy creature would you create, what elements would you combine? I would love to hear about one and/or see it!


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