SoulCollage(R): Finding My Personal Motto


This past weekend I took my SoulColllage(R) cards with me on a little desert walk. Being out in nature, in any setting is such an opportunity to recharge, why not recharge our decks as well? It was a beautiful morning, with perfect weather and the overall mood was peaceful and welcoming. I shuffled my cards and pulled randomly, not worrying about the suits. I placed a four-card spread on a metal pedestal that was kind of out by itself, away from the picnic ramadas nearby. I could only guess it was the base of something at one time, but for the day it was a perfect spot for my reading.

Looking across the desert landscape, I began my reading, with this question on my mind, “What should be my motto for rest of the month?” Here are what my cards said:

Bigfoot (Council)

Bigfoot (Council)

Bigfoot “Squatchy” (Council):  I am the one who becomes the forest. I am the one people think they see when it is me who is actually watching them as they spy a bear or stump. I am the one who causes excitement in nature and in your imagination. I am one who is fluid and invisible in nature. I am a protector of the forest. Encountering me is a gift. Nature is your gift.

Your motto should be about becoming one with your gifts, stop being invisible.


Fear (Committee)

Fear (Committee)

Fear (Committee):  I am one you can never outrun. I am one who wants to fiercely protect you from the sting of failure. I am one who is afraid, yet I am safe under my bubble of protective energy.

Your motto should be about knowing you cannot outrun your fears; knowing when you are safe (ready) to face them.



Giant Dreamer (Committee Suit)

Giant Dreamer (Committee Suit)

Giant Dreamer (Committee):  I am one who has many dreams and stores them carefully among the giant trees. I am one who loves to climb into the canopy and nurture each dream until it is ready to spread its wings and fly.

Your motto should be about how nurturing is fine, but there comes a time when you just need to fledge.



Pisces Rising (Committee)

Pisces Rising (Committee)

Pisces Rising (Committee):  I am one who is at home under water, who cannot live without being directly connected to it. I am one who is not afraid of the storms above, because it remains calm below. I am one in tune with emotion and intuition. I am one who travels alone above, and with many below.

Your motto should be about trusting your intuition: traveling alone = stormy navigating; traveling with those who support you = calm waters


Going over this reading, paying attention to the answers to my question, it seemed clear to me that my personal motto for the next few weeks is a recurring one:  Time to fly outside your comfort zone, fledgling. I did not have a particular part of my life in mind for the question, but I like what came through because it is perfect for many areas of my life. When things mellow down for me, it’s because I am hanging around in my comfort zone, a sort of auto-pilot and after I’m done re-charging around in that, that is when I become antsy. Which I am feeling now, towards nothing in particular, that is how it works with me. Truth is I like to challenge myself, it brings out my creativity and productivity, and helps me with my confidence.  Time to fly.

Was it the same for you? Or did a different message stick out for you in this post? Is this something you have tried with your cards? If so, what motto revealed itself to you?


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4 thoughts on “SoulCollage(R): Finding My Personal Motto

  1. That antsy energy seems to be in the air this year–I’ve been feeling it too!

    I like this idea for a reading … have to try it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Laura Huff on said:

    I just love your reading for the Bigfoot card. The way HE is watching us!


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