Folding Poems: Night Sky Watching


Moon Jan. 31, 2015. Taken with my iPhone looking through high powered telescope. (Click to enlarge)

Moon Jan. 31, 2015. Taken with my iPhone looking through high powered telescope. (Click to enlarge)

My nature-inspired creativity group joined the local astronomical society’s monthly star party this past weekend for a some reach-for-stars inspiration. It was wonderful to be out in the desert night to do a little star gazing, planet watching, galaxy spotting, comet watching, and of course, moon gazing–despite the partly cloudy sky.  After some time with our heads in the clouds, we gathered to create a folding poem inspired directly by the deep sky muses we experienced with our naked eye, binoculars, and some seriously high powered telescopes provided by members of the astronomical society.

A folding poem is a poem written one line at a time, each line passed to a different person, with the paper folded over the previous lines. Only the last line written can be seen by the next person. They write their line, and fold the paper down further, so only their line is visible to the next person and so on.  Our small group was joined by a family who we invited to participate in our folding poem exercise–as it’s perfect of ALL ages 🙂

Below is the resulting poem, each line a contribution by “the next person,” including 3 children, ages 9 to 11. Please enjoy.

folding poem night sky meetup JAN2015


night sky meetup JAN (3)

Moon with clouds. You can just make out Orion’s belt (top right corner of image), and a lovely bright star peeking out from below the clouds, bottom right. The dark shapes at bottom are the hills nearby.


Want to see what else this night inspired? Watch my video from this same night, “Cloud Angel Kisses The Moon.” Watch now (advanced sneak peek!), or wait to see it in my next post 🙂



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4 thoughts on “Folding Poems: Night Sky Watching

  1. Anne the SpyGirl on said:

    What a great concept. Knew about this idea for drawing, never thought to do it with words.


  2. What a beautiful, comprehensive poem! So neat that the family joined you….each line was wonderful and inspired.


    • I thought so too! And the kids (and the mom) were so pleased with how “poetic” their lines sounded, I thought they were perfect contributions to the resulting poem. Profound thinkers, the whole bunch that night 🙂


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