I Am Ready

Untitled (Committee)

Untitled (Committee)

I made three new cards for the New Year. I wondered why they weren’t more celebratory in nature. I wasn’t exactly thinking these were going to be my “new year” cards but I made them while basking in the excitement and promise that often comes with the start of a New Year. But as I’ve learned with the SoulCollage(R) process, I didn’t fight it, or worry about it too much. Instead, I decided to pick one and simply see what it had to say. This card spoke to me in a very matter-of-fact, practical nature.

My question: What do I need to know for the start New Year?

“I am one who is abandoned. I am ready. I am one who is ignored by those around me. I am ready. I am one who wonders what holds their attention. I am one who is ready now, who belongs with this tree, swinging and spinning beneath the moss. I am one who wonders why they are so out of place, and I wait for them to notice me before I weather away. I am ready now.

My answer to your question is…YOU’RE READY.”

I thought about my question regarding the New Year. There’s been a lot of “out with the new, in with the new,” and discussions about 2014 serving as a foundation for a successful 2015. I remember being incredibly excited and full of energy for the big creative year 2014 promised to be and I wondered if it fell flat for me. But I realized it was everything it promised to be, a time I planted seeds all around that I believe are going to blossom in 2015. In a sense, I had some fun swinging and spinning, planting ideas and projects, but like a swing, it was a lot of back and forth, repetitive actions ripe for learning. Now it is time to “abandon” the planning process and move on to the next chapter. I still “belong with this tree,” but I’m ready to look forward, focusing my attention on what I want to happen for 2015.

For example, I grew a lot through some valuable experiences (mistakes) and business lessons about what actually works for me and my SoulCollage(R) goals, versus the unnatural fit of the well-meaning persuasions of others–not intimately connected to SoulCollage(R).  The words in my IAOW statement above: being abandoned, ignored, trying to get the attention of those who were not even connected with me (or what I was offering), who were focused on other things…hit me in regards to how I felt often in my business over this past year. While swinging back and forth, trying this and that, I got a taste of soaring and freedom and the view of what’s ahead, my potential. I finally found my business voice near the end of 2014 and will need to maintain it for 2015. Perhaps that is what seems “out of place” for me, but I’m ready.

Personally and spiritually, it’s also time for me to stop this back and forth. It’s time to jump in to those places I’ve watched sway toward me then away from me. Time to abandon the rhythmic play of the swing and the habits that prevent me from moving forward. The swing will grow still as the many parts of me grow composed and ready.


Have you created a SoulCollage(R) card for the New Year? Did this card appeal to you in any way? What would be its message to you for the start of the New Year?


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7 thoughts on “I Am Ready

  1. What an interesting card, Michelle–I like it (and what it has to say)! I am looking forward to what you are ready to do this year! 🙂

    I made two cards for this New Year … you can see my New Year’s reading of them (and three other cards, including last year’s NYE card) here … https://aboutwhatmatters.wordpress.com/2015/01/02/a-reading-for-the-new-year/


    • Heather, our cards offered us such similar messages! I wonder if it is a “localized” synchronicity or a growing vibe of the greater universe for us all? Exciting either way. Good luck in your upcoming year, it sounds like you are ready too! I can’t wait to see the many ways it will flourish through your gifts 🙂


      • Thanks, Michelle. I do sense a similar theme running through everything I read from different people about this new year 🙂 I am looking forward to it!!


  2. Nancy Salvatierra on said:

    It’s hard to say ” I am ready” I am so happy for you and excited to see where your journey takes you……it will be incredible Michelle!

    Sent from my iPhone



    • Auntie, it is. It’s also kinda…scary. But I definitely feel ready to take it on this year (I’m feeling that Oberhaus women fighting spirit lately!), and to see how much I have in me, it’s about time I’d say 😉


  3. I love how you described the “taste of soaring and freedom…potential,” Michelle. Thank you for sharing your New Year’s insights. Naturally, they resonate deeply with me, and my own path has revealed similarities. I recently participated in Cat Caracelo’s generous Winter Solstice journey and created 12 cards for the 12 nights. 11 of the 12 began to “speak,” and I wish to find (make!) time to give them more voice and to contemplate the 12th card.


    • Lisa, thank you 🙂 I feel like learning and knowing about fellow bonitas like you in my life has really inspired and motivated me, I swear we are beginning to feel the return of all of what we are sincerely wishing for, working so hard for, and putting out in the Universe! So I wish you continued freedom in manifesting your potential as you are doing so creatively. What a great role model of action and strength you are to your daughter in doing so–and keep your intuitive gifts alive through those cards! They are really working for us on so many levels 😉 Happy 2015!


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