Poem: Black & White vs. Color

color poem(Click poem image to enlarge)

This is a journal page I did a couple of years ago (Dec. 2012) for a group page swap with fellow creatives. One of my swap partner’s journal theme was “Black & White vs. Color.” I loved her idea, but struggled with ways to interpret her theme. Eventually, this color-inspired poem came through about life, along with the drawing/watercolor embellishments.

Online trades and swaps and challenges are a great place to find your creative muse. I feel some of my best art and writing efforts have grown and come from participating in these challenges. They are also a wonderful way to “meet” new friends from around the world. The online friendships I’ve gained from these communities have been absolutely wonderful and these friends continue to inspire me daily. Have you ever participated in one before? What has been your experience?


*   *   *


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2 thoughts on “Poem: Black & White vs. Color

  1. This really speaks to me…..so beautifully….It is hard to find joy and beauty in a black and white world when the infinite variations of grey finally become boring. Life is in TechnoColor!


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