SoulCollage(R): Conversations Between Neters

Pisces Rising

Pisces Rising

Recently I’ve enjoyed the beginning process of exploring the celestial guided side of me through SoulCollage® by creating cards representing my Sun and Moon signs, and my Rising sign. As I continue to learn about their meanings for me (including their light and shadow sides) with the help of my friend Krista Jarrard, I’ve found their interpretation has allowed me to be more accepting of certain parts of myself, and even more understanding of parts I wasn’t even fully aware of, because they lived deeper down and with feelings I didn’t understand in my reactions to things in particular.

These three cards (below) within my deck obviously play a role in representing parts of my personality, but they have also brought a certain dimension to my readings with them—far beyond what I initially expected. Such is the way of the SoulCollage® experience 😉

Upon recently completing my “Pisces Rising” card, I wanted to try a little experiment between the three cards that carry astrological aspects in my Committee suit. I placed them face-up in front of me and invited a dialog between the neters of these cards.

I began first by writing down the IAOW exercise for each card and then I wrote down what emerged from there, after probing with further questions in a “conversation style” between the cards. My questions went something like this:

Moon sign, what would you say to the strong voice of Scorpio Sun, who is revealing something that she believes to be a weakness?

Rising sign, how and where can all this emotion you offer really help?

Sun sign, why do you retreat whenever support abounds? Why do you get frustrated and angry instead of allowing yourself this guidance?

What resulted was a kind and supportive (and emotional) source of support in acknowledging and working through my own struggles and fears–my self-sabotage. I learned from the wisdom shared during a dialog between these neters. One who wants to be desperately heard, yet is reluctant to excavate deeper truths. Another who tries to find balance, yet often works through (perhaps prefers?) navigating unsettled waters as a way to grow. And a third who fights to reveal her true self, to honor her true feelings yet is moved by her emotional environment, which is sometimes misaligned with her own.

Together, the three support each other so poetically and shared their messages for me today: to face fears by encouraging the work that will get you through it; and inviting or being a companion on the road less traveled, as one helps herself by being there for another. Which leads back to the fear—it is not a weakness dear one! You do not have to conquer it alone, and why should you?

Have you ever invited dialogue between your cards or neters? It’s yet another way to work with your cards. Always revealing 🙂 Also a fun and alternative approach to a reading. I would love to hear your thoughts or experience in doing this.

astrological SoulCollage SUN-MOON-RISING

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9 thoughts on “SoulCollage(R): Conversations Between Neters

  1. Yes, there is a link to the solstice meditation signup from the Facebook page 🙂 It really is a nice little daily treat for yourself. I also got the number of days wrong–it is actually 12. The links are active till the 31st, so it’s not too late! To me they are closely related & only 10 minutes each, so you could do all of them so far at one go. Hopefully I’ll finish my card tonight or tomorrow–I’m close 🙂

    I remembered something else about astrology cards. I think Mili Dillard’s 5th house card is in the book? It would be a commitment to make all 12 cards, but that would be an interesting approach, covering all aspects of your life. I was also thinking that Mars and Venus cards would be really interesting. To me those placements in my chart are more significant than my rising sign.


    • Heather, I think it would be such an interesting exploration, possibly even its own suit. Wish you could join us for our upcoming astrological SoulCollage(R) workshop 😉 My astrologer friend also mentioned Mars and Venus, followed by “nodes” (I think that’s what she said) as an idea for next steps in exploring astrology via SoulCollage(R).

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hope I can join you for an astrology workshop 🙂 Sent you a message via your SoulCollage meetup group about possibly joining you sometime next fall …


  2. deemallon on said:

    What a great exercise. Thank you for sharing.


  3. Hi Heather, thank you! You sound like you are more familiar with the workings of astrology than I am. It’s full of intriguing connections and insight and was such an important part of our human past–more so than how it’s received today. I’m going to be researching “fixed, cardinal and mutable” now! But I’ve learned, yes, I’m definitely surrounded by water signs—ironic that I love/live in the desert LOL (But water always beckons with swimming pools, natural oases, even a nearby inland sea. Although the beach is my ultimate recharge).

    I am always keeping an eye out for “astrology” images for the Astrological SouCollage(R) workshop(s). Like you mention, not all signs are so easily presented, or so directly represented image-wise. Every now and then I review a sign and its description and I keep an eye out for images that could represent any common traits. Maybe that’s one way to start your adventurous Sagittarius rising image search?

    Thank you for commenting, I always look forward to your thoughts here 🙂


    • I can tell you a little about those terms 🙂 Fixed is kinda what it sounds like … they are the more difficult signs to budge 😉 Leo is a fixed sign, and I also noticed in my original career path that many of us were fixed signs, drawn to a particular type of work, & had strong opinions about how things should be done! Also known for being great organizers. Cardinal signs are known for leadership, and mutable is what it sounds like. The qualities also vary with the quality of the element, so mutable air is most mutable, and fixed earth is most fixed (i.e., Taurus). So you have the complete spectrum.

      Today I am making a solstice card, inspired by Cat Caracelo’s 10 days of solstice meditations, which I’m really enjoying so far. Have been searching for images for it yesterday & today. Hopefully will post it this weekend …


      • Thank you for explaining those terms, I definitely have “moments” of each! I don’t remember seeing Cat’s solstice meditations, are they on the SoulCollage(R) FB page? I’ll check ’em out, it sounds like a very interesting treat for one’s self 🙂 Can’t wait to see your card from the experience so far.


  4. What a great idea! And I still love the idea of having these three cards in my deck. I’ll have to start collecting images. Sagittarius (my rising) will be a challenge, since it’s not an actual animal …

    It must be interesting to have all three water signs! Fixed, cardinal, and mutable–you have it all 🙂


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