Giving Thanks

Father Sky Song (Council)

Father Sky Song (Council)

Thinking about family, friends, and the many blessings this world offers us on this Thanksgiving Day. Using my SoulCollage(R) phone app, I did a random, one card pull and up came my “Trickster” card:

“I am the one who will interrupt your day with the unexpected. I am at once a welcome distraction, or disruptive presence for you to navigate. I will always remind of your blessings because I may be responsible for taking them away or helping you see them in new ways.”

I was curious to pull a second card, as an action-response to my Trickster card (not shown). I thought it interesting that a second council card randomly came up for me, “Father Sky Song” (shown above). It converses with the “Trickster” card:

“I am the one is calm and welcoming to the personalities and experiences of the universe. I am the one who creates a path through music and sound, whether through melody, beats, or the music of laughter and shared stories. I am one who records whatever happens, good and bad, happy or sad for you to cherish and keep in your memories.”

In comparing these action-response readings in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I see that no matter what the day brings of combined families and personalities, this is much of what I very much love about Thanksgiving. This is chance for our family story to grow. The BIG family get-togethers I fondly remember from my own childhood that I want for my son now. The crazy, the loving nature of it all, the camaraderie of cousins and siblings, the family recipes for food and potential disaster (which never really happens as bad as we think it could). No matter what transpires, it will all become part of our precious good times, our memories that will grow more and more sacred as people we love move on. This is the amazing music of family 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you!

*   *   *

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One thought on “Giving Thanks

  1. Beautiful….and now I’m missing our big family get-togethers, too! Next year!


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