“Hands On” SoulCollage(R)

"Unleashed" (bottom left). "Empathy" (top right).

“Unleashed” (bottom left). “Empathy” (top right). Click to enlarge.

I enjoy exploring different ways to blend art and SoulCollage®. I feel the creative expression is a great exercise to complement and enhance the empowering guidance I feel after a reading.

“I Am…” Mandala is one way I love to do this, by creating a mantra design pulled from card readings. However, most recently I was inspired to by a line drawing of a hand and thought, what a great artistic personalization of a reading this could be!  The result of these readings and subsequent doodle art play is shared in this post.

My hand integrating a reading with my "Fire Goddess" card (left).  My first attempt playing with a line hand (right); the idea that inspired this combination or art play and SoulCollage(R).

My hand, a design sampler integrating a reading with my “Fire Goddess” card (left). My line hand (right); a technique I came across  that inspired this combination of art & SoulCollage(R). Click to enlarge.

I began by pulling a card from my SoulCollage® deck and completing a one-card reading (although I like the idea of a four card reading, pulling a phrase from each card to write directly into the hand image). I integrated the IAOW exercise from the reading directly into a drawing I traced of my hand. From there I embellished with doodling and Zentangle® inspired patterns. You can see that I played around with different placements of the writing, the possibilities are far beyond!


Here are the three cards read for each hand:

Unleashed (Committee)

Unleashed (Committee). IAOW  I am one with the Universe inside me. I am one who rides free and unleashed.







"Empathy" (Committee)

“Empathy” (Committee) IAOW: I am one who feels deeply. I am one who stands with you. I am one who protects your tears.

Fire (Council)

Fire (Council) IAOW: I am one who is created from destruction. I am a reaction. I am a chance for rebirth. I am the sparkle of the stars. I am life and light, a beacon in the darkness.











I find that when I take the time to incorporate significant parts of my reading into creating a mandala or something like this hand design, it adds weight to the message. In a way it captures a moment. It becomes words of inspiration, a mantra, a statement. In a good way 🙂 I feel like I am acknowledging these words, this wisdom and giving it a place of permanence by inscribing them into my artwork.

I would love to know if you have tried something similar with SoulCollage® or if you are inspired to give it a go. What was your experience with this type of extension to your reading?

*   *   *

Upcoming workshops including, “Hands On SoulCollage®” and “I Am…” Mandala workshops.




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3 thoughts on ““Hands On” SoulCollage(R)

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  2. chantelzimemrman on said:

    Hi Michelle: Love this post! Really terrific. I also love how much you’ve got going on.

    are we still on for the possibility of december for doing the medicine wheel reading? It would be the 2nd Friday in December.

    let me know if that still sounds doable. The location is “Arcadia”.

    Wishing you tremendous success.

    Chantel PS do you use the clear plastic sleeves for your soulcollage cards? If so, I’m thinking of buying in bulk and am looking for 4-5 people to go in on a 6000 bags with me. The cost is $240 total (plus tax and shipping) divided by however many people might be interested.

    Let me know. >


  3. I loved the Mandala workshop….I love what I created and the message it gave me. I’m really looking forward to the handprint workshop. My mind is already going off in many directions! LOL


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