SoulCollage® Card: Apathy


Some days I just can’t think of a good question when I want to do a reading with my SoulCollage® cards. But recently I added Inquiry Cards to my SoulCollage® resources. They are beautifully designed hexagon-shaped cards (above) that provide a question or prompt–perfect for exploring your inner wisdom.

Today, I pulled one of these Inquiry Cards first, providing the question: “Where can I be more kind?”

Holding this question in mind. I drew from my SoulCollage® deck. And this is the card that came up (wow!): APATHY (Committee suit). I’ve pulled this card before, but today it didn’t have much to say. It was so “quiet,” nothing came to me for several minutes. I just stared at the image of the boy–for a long while, feeling more and more stuck. And restless. Where can I be more kind? Please, speak to me. Nothing.

Apathy (Committee)

Apathy (Committee)

The more I tried to “get an answer” the quieter the card. I confess, I tried to force it, but before a thought could entirely formulate my mind ditched it, “Nooooope! Not that!” Stating the obvious things in the card was not even an option this time, it was all moot. Long minutes passed. I’d never been this stuck trying to read a card….like it’s giving me the silent treatment! Weird, I thought, maybe I just have too much going on at the mo–then it hit me like ton of bricks. Its SILENCE was the message.

The moment I recognized this, it began:

Apathy. I am one who fuels silence. I am who makes you uncomfortable and frustrated and hopeless. I am the stories of inhumanity, sadness, and outrage that overwhelms you in the news, online, in your own community. I am one who makes you retreat to your cocoon feeling outnumbered and without a valid voice. I am one who makes you look away and say nothing, do nothing. I am one who reminds you that silence in this way fuels indifference and creates a place without concern or compassion. I am one who brings you back to your voice.

Where can I be more kind?

You can be more kind in your beliefs by speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves. You can be more kind in your daily life by ending the silence where you see apathy around you, by giving it voice. A loud, loud voice through your actions, through your vote, at the store, through your art. You can be more kind in your intentions by whispering more mantras into your pet’s ears. You can be more kind in your personal community by demonstrating that you choose to make a difference.  

This was a powerful read to me, not only the message but in the way it was presented. I’ve never had that experience with a card before, the presence of silence emerging so profoundly as the message. It was exhilarating in a way, the unusual way the guidance came through for me. I thought I was not being receptive, yet I believe the reading validated for me that I was after all. I’m so glad I stayed with it and let it play out. During this time of elections and our very busy schedules, it was (once again) the perfect card for me, both of them.

Have you experience a card that seemed to offer nothing? What was your interpretation, where did you go with it?

🙂 Going with kindness….

*   *   *

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6 thoughts on “SoulCollage® Card: Apathy

  1. I just love the journeys your cards take you on…’s inspiring!


  2. Wow … what a great SoulCollage card and great reading!!


  3. Nancy Salvatierra on said:

    Oh my ……. Simply breathtaking!

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