Small White Feather

Small, white feather.

Small, white feather. (Click to enlarge) Photo: Michelle Hedgecock

I know I’m not alone in the secret joy I feel when I find a beautiful feather. Found feathers are like little gifts. They are personal messages from winged beings. Creative spirit taking flight.

I was at the studio yesterday, preparing for a workshop. While I was unloading the car I noticed a downy, white feather on the ground. I dropped off my things and went back outside to take pictures of the feather. I spotted a few other feathers around—some larger, stiffer flight feathers and a couple more of the smaller, fluffy downy feathers. This is not so unusual in our parking lot where, if you look for them, you almost always encounter a feather as there is a huge tree full of the sing-song chatter of birds who seem ever present.

But this time I was drawn to the small downy white feather and I wanted to photograph it up close. I picked it up and walked behind our building to a long-neglected pink bench and placed the feather on its weathered wood. The colors spoke to me in faded and peeled purple paint, desert-worn wood with a greenish hue, and the beautiful little white feather. I snapped a few photos and watched the way the smallest breeze coaxed tiny movements from the feather.

There are many interpretations and meanings for found feathers. One can delve even deeper in meaning, exploring the spiritual meanings of feathers. Since I was so drawn to it and spent time with it, I decided to do a little research on the spiritual meaning of a “white feather.” I read that “small white feathers” are believed to be messages from angels, our guardian angels, or spirit guides. I may have heard that before, but I did not remember until this point.

I found this very interesting in its timing. There’s a show on TV about angels where people visit this woman who speaks to angels to find out who their guardian angel(s) is/are. I think how nice that would be to have a name, to thank them—because I know mine has been busy throughout my life. I thank my guides and angel(s) anyway, not knowing all of their names, but have been wondering more and more about their presence in my life, who they are exactly. Maybe this was a message to me, encouraging me to surrender a little more to their energy.

Here was this little feather, gently beckoned and called upon by the faintest whisper of a breeze and still it did not fly, when I thought sure it would. Did it need a stronger breeze to be uplifted? Did it resist, and resort to its former biological role of insulation and protection—and not as a streamlined flight feather? I wondered, am I limiting my spiritual self to protected, insulated roles, not willing to see myself in a new light? Yep. I am resisting because of the unknown. Where is my wind? It is in my faith. My guardian angels, my spirit guide patiently waiting for me to catch up, beckoning me to fly.

I perused other sources and read white feathers may also signify messages from our loved ones who have passed, offering comfort and a simple reminder they are near and here for us. Spiritually speaking, white feathers may symbolize purification & protection, hope & peace, and blessings of the Moon, and in many cultures feathers in general symbolize communication or connection to the gods, a higher power, and the celestial realm. I love how this supports and unifies an angelic presence, connecting our guardian angels and guides to us through something so simple and beautiful as a small, white feather.

My mom just lost her brother very recently and she arrived at the studio while I was with the feather. Was this timing a message of comfort meant for my mom and my family, from her brother? It absolutely could be and I believe it was too…after all there was more than one small, white downy feather that morning. 🙂

Perhaps the need to share this feather image and video (below) with you is an encouraging message that moves through each one of us. As I mentioned earlier, there are many meanings one could interpret for a feather encounter, directly or indirectly. I would love to hear your thoughts.



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4 thoughts on “Small White Feather

  1. I, too, find comfort in feathers….well, they seem to find me! And I love the “blessing of the moon” part….so perfect for you, Michelle! I keep feathers, too. They are certainly blessings from angels, and I feel that my brother has sent some beautiful ones my way, as have other people who have passed….and I cherish each one.


    • I have seen your collection of feathers and you have an amazing variety with gorgeous colors and patterns. I love the “blessing of the Moon” part too, I had never heard of that before and was excited to see it 🙂 Now I will look at your feather jar in a different way ❤


  2. This is lovely Michelle, and as always, I relate. Several moths ago, I was going through a particularly miserable time, trying to numb myself as I made it through long-delayed errands. As I approached my car in a parking lot, a feather, brown and white striped, from a hawk or an owl, drifted down from the sky and stuck to the glass on the window of the car door I was about to open. It brought the first smile to me in weeks. It said, things will be OK. And now they are. I still have it in my jewelry box. : )


    • Hi Lisa, I’m so sorry you had to go through what sounds like a very difficult time. I do love the way your feather landed with no mistake, and with such a simple and kind message of encouragement. What a wonderful experience, what are the odds of that happening, especially landing on the car door window vs. the top of car, or the windshield. I love hearing about these experiences, particularly knowing how open we must be to see them in the first place–I’m glad you kept the feather. Thank you for sharing your experience, bonita, and I’m happy to hear it was a part of things being okay now.


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