Blue Reverie

Big Blue (Committee)

“Big Blue” SoulCollage® card by M. Hedgecock

I was creatively inspired by this SoulCollage® card, “Big Blue,” a dreamlike, surreal card that draws me in deeply. I pulled strands of inspiration from the message it spoke for me today:

“I am one who is finds peace in the color blue. I am uplifting, with no worries.  I am a powdery, iridescent wing. I am your landmark. I am your reverie. I want you to find your way to me today to connect with my energy. Leave your thoughts behind as you climb this ladder, float on my back, or reflect among the clouds.”

*   *   *

blue reverie


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7 thoughts on “Blue Reverie

  1. LOL, Heather, oh yes, I know its (ladder) meaning certainly would reveal itself to you, something soulful and spoken with deep insight as you are such a gifted listener to your heart wisdom 🙂

    And I must say how lucky of you to see original O’Keeffe! Georgia O’Keeffe is an inspiration, I love her work very much. Thank you for sharing the “Ladder to the Moon,” honestly I had not remembered it–and I call myself a lover the moon 😉 It reminds me of the adobe patio one with the clouds (really like that one too!), in that they are both a little different from her very famous works. Her Jimsonweed flower is one of my favorites in color and subject. She is the inspiration behind a new piece in the works for me, a painting on a street sign (as odd as that sounds!).


    • Thanks, that’s very sweet ❤

      Me too, she's my favorite artist 🙂 And I agree, this painting is pretty unique. Love the color of the sky in it. I am partial to her purple & red flowers–petunias and poppies 🙂 A wonderful artist to be inspired by!


  2. this is such a peaceful, beautiful card that truly does “draw you in”


  3. What a great card! Beautiful. I love the progression of the ladder, wings, and swing! (I have saved a number of ladder images myself, but have yet to use one :))


    • Thank you, Heather! I too am drawn to ladders, stairs and the like–more so lately. I am sure there is a widely accepted meaning for them, but personally they seem to symbolize something forward moving and positive, inviting 🙂 Is it similar for you?


      • To tell you the truth, I’m not sure what they symbolize for me, but I bet I could find out by using one of the images on a card 🙂 Maybe a search? I love (and really loved seeing in person) Georgia O’Keeffe’s painting of a ladder–Ladder to the Moon.


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