Astrological SoulCollage®

Cancer Moon (Committee)

Cancer Moon (Committee)

“I am one who is guided by the quiet of the night, a time of listening and reflection. I am the keeper of memories, one who is far-reaching, yet with roots firmly in the ground. I am Full Mother Moon giving birth to Crescent. I travel in darkness, protected by my hard shell. I am one you can trust will be there when you take your leap of destiny.”

 *  *  *

Lately, I’ve been guided into exploring new ways of using my SoulCollage® cards, like dream work and mandala making. Most recently I’ve added a new & exciting element to my SoulCollage® experience: astrology. My friend, Krista Jarrard (Visionary Astrology) helped me get to know myself in a way I hadn’t fully appreciated until her guidance led me to a creative exploration of astrology through SoulCollage®.

Most everyone is familiar with their Sun sign (our outer personality), but did you know that your Moon sign may be even more revealing about you? I’m a Scorpio sun sign girl, and I can certainly relate to many of those Scorpio qualities 😉 But once I learned about my Moon sign (which rules our inner, emotional side), and Krista interpreted it in relation to my birth chart, I experienced such a sense of unexpected understanding about myself, it was quite liberating!

Krista’s gift of astrology gave me personal wisdom and vision, and a creative energy much like I experience doing SoulCollage®. She guided me through my chart of symbols and elements and interpretation that was uniquely “me,” providing moments that offered clarity and a new appreciation for parts of my personality (my private, emotional side), which I didn’t readily embrace before her insight.

And much like SoulCollage®, the astrological symbols and interpretations reveal themselves in images that speak to these parts of my personality. It is a natural response to create cards honoring these parts of my personality: Scorpio Sun, Cancer Moon, Pisces Rising, and more!

It’s likely that an astrological component already resides in your SoulCollage® deck as allies and challengers, shadow and light cards, archetypes, specific energies, elements, or even events. Think zodiac archetypes, eclipses, lunar phases, planets, planetary energies or other symbolism. My Death card reminds me a lot of what I’m learning about Scorpio archetypes. In fact, I’m noticing many similarities between astrology imagery and my cards!

Both astrology and SoulCollage® speak to parts of our personality that invite deeper insight and discovery of all the elements that have shaped you at this moment. Both offer a new appreciation and understanding of yourself in a way you may not have fully recognized.

Have you integrated astrology into your SoulCollage® deck? What has been your experience?

Discover a new source of personal insight, and find out for yourself how fun this can be by joining us in our upcoming Astological SoulCollage®: Father SUN, Mother MOON workshop.


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5 thoughts on “Astrological SoulCollage®

  1. Heather, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the same image, I’ve definitely cut up some O mags! As I learn more about astrology (I’m quite a newbie to that realm), I will share I as go with SoulCollage, thank you for the encouragement 🙂


  2. Mmm, I like this idea! I would like to make a card for my Pisces moon.

    I have not intentionally made any astrological cards, but I have saved an image for Leo 🙂 I had thought I would make the card around my birthday, but I ended up doing something else. It’s a cat looking in the mirror and seeing a lion 🙂


    • Hi Heather!

      I have only made a few cards with intention so far, but I’m feeling the need to make some now, particularly for my Community suit 🙂 My Cancer Moon card (which I’ve added to Committee suit) card was the first intentional astrology card I made and it felt like a treat–that feeling you get when you do something just for yourself 😉 I feel like I’ve welcomed a new friend into my deck.

      I was surprised to learn of so many similar images and archetypes found between the two already throughout my deck (I suppose that’s why they’re archetypal 😉 ). It lends itself naturally to the fusion of astrology and SoulCollage for anyone it resonates.

      I love the visual of the cat looking into a mirror and seeing a lion, I have collected an image of that and I remember someone in one of my workshops connecting with it and using it right away!

      Catching up on your posts 🙂 Your Kelvinator is GORGEOUS!


      • Maybe you can write a post sometime about the similar images and archetypes and the connections you’re seeing … that sounds interesting 🙂 And your workshop sounds fantastic!

        I bet you found the same image I did in O Magazine 🙂 My refrigerator says thank you (it might be blushing!).


    • Heather, I just now noticed your very first sentence in the comment above, about making a card for you Pisces Moon! I hope you have a chance to do that, I’d love to hear more about that experience and see your card. I have been trying to collect images for my Sun and Rising (Pisces!) sign. I “Googled” Pisces and Scorpio archetypes to get some ideas for images and found that a helpful too.


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