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A few weeks ago, I attended a meeting with fellow SoulCollage® Facilitators for a wonderful day of learning, sharing, and experiencing alternative ways to use our SoulCollage® cards. Our guest presenter was Nancy Weiss, LCSW who utilizes dream work as part of her practice. I am fascinated with dream work, and was very excited to participate in this gathering as I’ve been tending my own dreams since I was in high school. I look forward to dream time and enjoy the process of gaining insight from my dreams.

Nancy invited us to pay attention to our dreams for a week or two before coming, particularly any recurring dreams. We would be working with our dream on this day, along with creating a SoulCollage® card representing the dream’s insight.

Nancy guided us through a meditation that presented an “aha!” moment for me regarding the ominous nature of the recurring dream that haunted me, which I’ll explain later. The meditation revealed for me a meadow stream with whale sharks (a very large docile shark) swimming in miniature within a small pool in the stream, with a shark swimming in the air of the meadow, in my peripheral. The smooth texture of water on whale skin was a prominent feeling (during the guided meditation I had a vision of touching dry whale skin and then watched it come to life under my touch when water flowed over it).

My recurring dream always includes an abundance of whales, multiple species in very close proximity to me, mere feet away. I am sometimes on a boat, some type of small float, on a beach, or on the ledge of a canal. It begins with excitement and awe. The whales are playful and “inviting” me, I’m compelled to jump in, but I don’t. The sight is amazing! Then it because very ominous and threatening as more and more whales appear. There is urgency now and fear. At this point I am usually trying to frantically get to my son (who is always separated from me) before he falls in the water with the whales, sometimes it’s just me stranded, terrified of falling in. I always wake up before either happens, filled with anxiety and relief.

In brief, water represents emotion energy, the kind of water further symbolizing the state of that energy, in my dream the water is always clear, but very dark and very deep. Whales symbolize emotional power, perception, intuition and opportunity. Fear represents being very close to something but afraid to face it, resistance.

In short, my recurring dream is trying to get my attention about what I perceive to be a big change happening, or about to happen in my emotional waters. Perhaps something I should be excited about, but I am resisting due to my fears (of failing, of facing it, losing control, of succeeding, and of course, the emotional energy needed to do it). I believe this dream is recurring, because these opportunities for emotional growth and exploration also keep presenting themselves. Until I truly explore this emotional realm, this dream may keep presenting itself until I embrace its message instead of fear it.

The situation of the dream also impacts the interpretation, but since those are variables, I stick primarily to the three main elements (water, whales, fear) which are always present when choosing images for my card.

In regards to the meditation, the presence of both sharks is significant to me, symbolizing a cautionary and powerful threat to my emotional energy. Do you see a theme here? One shark leisurely swims in my periphery, non-threatening in my meditation, just “there,” doing its shark thing. The friendly whale sharks are miniaturized speaking to the diminished emotional power or potential threat they may represent, maybe a disguised threat. During my reflection that day, I wondered if it was the threat of my own fears that are sabotaging opportunities for myself?

More importantly, the water needed to feel the smooth skin of an ocean creature meant necessity and life to survive. This was the “aha!” moment I referred to earlier. I fear the dark depths of the water in this dream, a dream heavily weighted with emotional energies=water and water related. Everything that exist in the dream requires water to survive, I feel my subconscious is signaling my growing need to explore my “emotional depths,” so I may grow in these previously uncharted areas. So I took that as yes, it’s a little scary pushing myself forward into places I haven’t been. Yet, I believe the opportunities that exists will be worth the work as long I remember to protect my energy from any threats from within or without.

My card. The card pictured above is my first dream card from this experience. I was able to include deep, dark water, whales, “fear,” and a smooth pearl to signify the aha moment from my meditation. I feel like the playful to ominous nature can be felt in the card too. Here is my first introduction to the finished card using IAOW exercise:

I am one who invites you to play in this unfamiliar environment. I am full of emotion, deep and dark, but clear for you to see everything. I am one you fear and who challenges your desire to explore your intuitive depths. I am here to help you see that this is how you survive, with fluidity, exploration, depth, emotional expression! Instead of falling into uncharted waters accidentally, prepare and jump in intentionally. 

The beauty and gift of this day with Nancy and her guidance was not only the brief opportunity for dream work but the idea to include dream cards into my SoulCollage® deck! How I never thought to do that before is beyond me, here you have two sources for self-discovery that rely heavily on the intuitive insight of symbols and images! I’ve decided to integrate a new Suit into my deck, a DREAM suit that will be a subset of my COUNCIL suit for 4-card readings and stand alone for other types of readings. This dream card has a strong message for me that I can see will always offer useful guidance. I love this new source of dream wisdom to include in my deck and ultimately my readings.

Many thanks to Nancy Weiss for introducing me to this new suit in my deck, please take a moment to visit her link provided to learn more about her work.

I sincerely encourage you to make a dream card of a recurring dream, or a dream that has just stuck with you. Put its message into images and let it guide you through your deck! Please share your thoughts on this or your experience with your own dream cards, I sure would love to hear about them!

* * *

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5 thoughts on “Dreams & SoulCollage®

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  2. You say: I stick primarily to the three main elements (water, whales, fear) which are always present when choosing images for my card. But there was a 4th element as well on first seeing the whales which is “excitement and awe.” Don’t forget the excitement and awe…


    • Hi Mike, you are so right! I tried to capture that sense of playful feeling with that one beluga whale right in the center, looking back at you–it always makes me smile. I suppose I was thinking of how the dream continues to affect me upon waking, those images and the fear. But now you have me considering that part of the “trap” is allowing that fear to drown out the very distinct excitement and awe the dream offers me first! Thank you for visiting and sharing your insightful comment.


  3. It’s a beautiful card, Michelle! I was just thinking today that it had been awhile since you’d posted any, and I was hoping you would post some of your recent work … and here it is! 🙂 It has a great ethereal quality to it, it definitely looks like a dream!

    I rarely remember my dreams, but fairly often I wake with an answer to a question, an insight, a knowing, or some kind of meaningful image. I suppose this must be the fruit of my dream work, or whatever I’ve been doing while I was asleep 🙂 I did recently make a card to represent a vision I had on waking … it is here: http://aboutwhatmatters.wordpress.com/2014/08/17/walk-up-to-lifes-feast/


    • Thank you Heather! I also enjoy your “visits” and comments and our way of sharing our SoulCollage cards with each other! Your sacral Leopard’s advice (from your post), in stepping up to the feast is something we all should allow ourselves 🙂 Life’s feast. It sounds like you listen to your dreams already, even when you don’t remember actual dreams, I figure if you wake with an answer, at some moment during sleep, your waking self and subconscious exchanged wisdom “felt” beyond imagery. I that you expressed it through a card and shared the insight with us.


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