The Versatile Blogger Award


Thank you, Heather White for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger award! Heather is a writer of things eloquent and inspiring. I discovered her blog, About What Matters after she left a comment on one of my SoulCollage® blog posts, which led me to want to learn more about this fellow Collager, which led me to her unique and wonderful blog. Heather creatively shares the imagery of her beautiful SoulCollage® cards as the conduit for writing about the beautiful capacity and resilience of the human spirit through her personal experiences and observations. Her writing inspires and engages me. And when you read her posts, you too will discover that Heather believes we are “here to become better people,” and you will enjoy her honest and comfortable approach as she writes about what matters. 

I love the spirit of this award in acknowledging versatile bloggers and getting to know more about fellow bloggers (through the famous “7 Things…”), bringing us closer in a world community. I most happily accept this honor! Thank you again Heather, for including me in this award.

As requested of this award, here are 7 things you might find interesting about me:

  1. I feel most at peace in the middle of open desert at night.
  2. My favorite activity every year at summer camp was horse vaulting, which is like doing gymnastics on the back of a cantering horse. I was an early teen, and I was good at it(!), and I often skipped my lunch meal just to keep working the horse. I enjoyed everything, but my favorite two moves to do were the “scissors” and “standing.” It was a very liberating experience to be able to have that kind of trust with a horse, and it remains one of my all time favorite experiences.
  3. I had strange experiences (and especially dreams) while excavating an ancient burial and village site (hired by the very tribe whose sites we were excavating).
  4. If I’m not here, I’m in a hammock.
  5. I’ve been bitten by a junk yard dog, bitten by three different snakes, trapped in mud to above my knees, requiring rescue by fellow workers (who also got stuck), stung by a Portuguese Man-O-War, and attacked by killer bees (resulting in 12 stings to my head).
  6. I wanted to be an astronomer, but kept failing calculus and physics, so I became a botanist, finally passing calculus and physics.
  7. I appeared on Discovery Channel’s Urban Legends, debunking the “spiders in cactus” legend! My boss at the time and I both get air time on the program, beginning at 5:45 and (me) 6:05—7:15!

In addition to About What Matters, and in the spirit of this award I’d like to add these 5 versatile bloggers as my nominations:

  • I started following this poetess and blogger known as “The Odd Inkwell” a few years ago, when I came across her found poetry on river stones for the River of Stones project (inspiring me to do the same–a wonderful creative outlet). I love both creating and reading found poetry (black out, cut and created, etc.). Her poetry blog, The Odd Inkwell is full of “found poems, cut, and created” for your discovery. You can write poems and share them at her other blog A Bowl of Random Words, using only the 5 word prompts randomly pulled from a bowl.
  • Robyn Gordon with Art Propelled. Robyn’s blog is chock full of her beautiful art (and many other artists as well), that illustrate her wonderful personal experiences, musings, and anecdotes about what inspires her, propels her as an artist.
  • Christina Lange, friend and photographer, currently cycling her way along A Vagabond’s Itinerary. Christina is a gifted photographer and has paired up with fellow cyclist, Marcus on an 9,000 mile journey across the US (and back again, coast to coast to coast!). Christina is documenting the very meaning of versatility as they adapt to a variety of terrain, people, resourceful bike repairs, meals and camps as she shares their miles along the way through her photos and writings–all while raising money and awareness for their chosen charities.
  • Josh Hedgecock, husband and friend, at Josh Hedgecock Fitness because he isn’t your average fitness and nutrition blogger. Scroll his post topics and you’ll see right away, Josh is versatile in how he thinks about fitness and how he chooses to write about it. His writing style is straightforward, humorous, and personal. He includes personal anecdotes and willingly shares current, ever evolving fitness information for his readers to stay informed on their fitness choices.
  • Steve Wheen, aka The Pothole Gardener is a guerrilla gardener who is “all about creating unexpected moments of happiness” by creating miniature gardens in unlikely places. I look forward to his posts because his photographs of each miniature creation invites your imagination to come out and play.


*   *   *

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5 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Wow! I, too, enjoyed your 7 interesting things…..most, I knew about, but one always learns something new, even about someone they know so well. And, of course, I love your writing! Congrats on the nomination!

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  2. I loved your 7 interesting things, Michelle! I too have been stung by Africanized bees–I believe I had eight, primarily on my head. I have to say that is one of the most frightening experiences I’ve ever had, those bees buzzing angrily in my hair. It took me a few minutes to remember that each one could only get me once 🙂

    Thanks also for your kind words about my blog. I enjoyed reading another perspective about what I’m doing 🙂


    • Thank you, Heather! I can’t believe you’ve been attacked by Africanized bees too, how crazy! It was incredibly frightening. In the end sending three of us to urgent care. I have a deep respect for bees and their value, yet when I see a migrating swarm, my sympathetic nervous system goes primal and it takes every muscle in my body to not completely freak out and run. They do inspire me a lot, creatively–I should make a SoulCollage card honoring these creatures. They are on my Fear card, but perhaps deserve another card 😉 Thank you for sharing your bee experience..


      • Eek! I don’t know what I’d do if I saw another swarm. It took me awhile to be able to deal with just a onesie bee in the garden. After having this experience, I don’t even care to see an embroidered bee! I did find a really nice image with a bee in it recently … perhaps I will eventually bring myself to use it.

        Don’t know if you’ve seen it, but Fran Pullara has a bee card that’s about colony collapse.


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