The Sightseer


Sightseer (Committee)

Sightseer – Committee suit (click to enlarge)

Today I connected with my “Sightseer” SoulCollage® card. This card just showed up for me two days ago during a Raven reading (four card reading), which also happened to end up in my newest “I Am…” mandala, speaking these words of unexpected adventure: I am one who revels in lucky surprises and encounters. 

Today, only two days later, this card speaks to me differently:

I am one who is focused on my destination. I am one who thinks I live in color, yet rushes through, casually taking in a monochromatic landscape. I am one without room for distraction. I believe there is plenty of time to come back later to stop, get out and experience the excitement I am merely a witness to along this journey.

Reflecting on this I realize that yes, I am in quite a different frame of mind than two days ago. Last night I made the conscious decision to pursue a new project, a professional goal that is bigger than what I’ve tackled so far. It will require discipline and focus (“…without room for distraction…”). It is a big, colorful creative direction integrating SoulCollage® and mandalas, and the intuitive read of my card reflects a feeling of knowing that if I stay true to this exciting goal, other project ideas not already in the works may fade from priority temporarily.

I continue by asking this card, “How will you keep me from achieving my goal?” This is what is said:

I can be blinded by my own determination and focus, causing missed opportunities for help, blocking the evolution of ideas related to your project, and not utilizing valuable resources. I am a workhorse, full steam ahead until this project is complete, so I may not take care of myself properly. I may never make time to take advantage of the experiences along this journey.

Just a few days ago this card’s essence was certainly not about the destination but rather a playful, adventurous, delighting-in-the-unexpected surprises of the journey. Today the core essence of the same card speaks of focus and direction, presenting a reading motivated by the destination, not the journey.

The light side: I have a vision, a goal along with the motivation needed to stay focused and on track in accomplishing my goal. I am aware of what is around me, and I will come back around to it after I reach my first destination.

Potential shadow side: My focus can become too narrow creating missed opportunities, unhealthy habits, and lost “me” time required for recharging or welcoming “distractions” that will keep me sane, creative, and open to new ideas and experience that can help me achieve my goal.

SoulCollage® is an experience that evolves right along with you on a daily basis as revealed in this second reading of the same card in just two days. True to the “original” message of this card of reveling in lucky surprises, the Sightseer card surprises me yet again. This time with a completely new reading, manifesting as the go get ’em send off I need as I begin my next SoulCollage® chapter with a new and exciting goal.

Taken together, both messages intuited from these seemingly opposite readings of the same card gift to me well-balanced wisdom for moving forward: stay focused, learn, and enjoy the rewards as well 🙂

*   *   *

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6 thoughts on “The Sightseer

  1. I’m excited too! I found that integrating the mandalas with Soul Collage was even more powerful and creative. It surprised me that four separate cards could speak similar messages and that it all came together in a poetic, creative result. Thank you so much!


  2. Gillian on said:

    Oh and I love that new sightseer card it’s very interesting!!!!


  3. Gillian on said:

    YAY!!!!!! Michelle I am so excited and happy for you!!!! You are going to be absolutely amazing at doing this I just know it!!!! At soul collage the other day you did such a good job of integrating the mandalas with the soul collage cards and readings it was great!!!! 😉


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