Mandala Evolving

"I am..." Mandala combining meditative mandala drawing and my SoulCollage® reading. (Click to enlarge.)

“I am…” Mandala combining meditative mandala drawing and my SoulCollage® reading. (Click to enlarge.)

A few nights ago, I did a SoulCollage® reading using four of my cards, one from each suit (what I call a Raven Reading). I decided to experiment with an idea I had for combining my reading with creating a mandala. A mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol representing the Universe, with its origins in Hinduism and Buddhism. In traditional mandala making, the careful process of creating elaborate designs using symbolic details, along with the repetitive patterns employs a focused attention by the practitioner. In a way this is similar to our SoulCollage® cards which are carefully and intuitively created using visual symbols which in turn guide us to focus on where we need to pay attention in our lives.

Mandalas are used as a spiritual guidance tool, for establishing a sacred space, and as an aid to meditation. Again, the parallel to the SoulCollage® process can be found: as a spiritual and self-discovery tool, holding sacred space, and often as an aid to meditation!

Inspired by the task of fusing these two “paths,” I ended up with a hand drawn mandala guided by my reading, incorporating chosen bits of wisdom from my cards directly into my mandala:

  • Bella (Community) – “I am one who loves wholly and without fear. I am Buddha nature.”
  • Death (Council) – “I am the one who is the foundation for new life. I am the one who liberates you through new beginnings and the death of old endings. I am the one who beckons your wild instincts.”
  • Sanctuary (Committee) – “I am the one who worships the stars above the desert. I am the one who visits in your dreams. I am one who wants you to find sanctuary in the desert night.”
  • Spider (Companion) – “I am one who dances before you among waves of creativity. I come from your emotional depths, your sea of wisdom and I gift to you vibrant color and expression.”

I added personal symbols in my mandala to represent my cards and/or a specific message from the reading (dog paw, wolf paw, spider, cactus, the moon-turtle and stars).

I very much enjoyed the way the reading evolved into a creative piece of personal art work–resulting in this one-of-a-kind, unique to me mandala design!


My mandala with the “I am…” wisdom of my cards helped to guide the design.

Although, I like the black and white, I had to complete it through color as part of my reading spoke of “the gift of vibrant colors and expression as a light in the darkness.” Oh, how I love that SoulCollage® magic!




*   *   * 

Coachella Valley locals, I am eager to share this process with you during my July, “I Am” Mandala workshop, at our Rancho Mirage studio! For more details, click here.





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4 thoughts on “Mandala Evolving

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  3. Laura on said:

    You blow me away with your talent.


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