Raven Reading: Friendship

Raven reading. A four-card reading, drawing a card from each suit of my SoulCollage®  deck.

A completed Raven reading. A four-card reading, drawing a card from each suit of my SoulCollage® deck.

I feel blessed to have several, close goddesses (girlfriends) in my life, each giving of their time and support, and their generous laughter. And like any relationship, every now and then one of the friendships become off-balance. Lately I feel like I’ve been poorly balancing these friendships and my time. So I wondered, in what ways can I offer myself more fully in my friendships? I decided to do a Raven reading (4-card read) using my SoulCollage® deck for guidance.

I lit a stick of Nag Champa and put on some soft, inspiring music. Thinking of my question, I began by placing my Source, Witness, and SoulEssence cards face up, at the top of my reading space. I divided the suits into four piles and shuffled my cards, keeping them face down. I placed them in four piles, cutting each “suit deck” once more. I pulled the top card from each suit (each pile) and placed it faced down to begin my reading. I returned the unused cards together in one large pile, keeping them face down, and moved them off to the side.

I asked my cards, “What counsel do you have for me and my goddess friendships?” Here are the cards that showed up for me, in order of appearance (reading left to right), and the guidance each one offered my question:

Bella (Community Suit)

Bella (Community Suit)

Bella (Community): I am one who is always happy, who offers you unconditional love and acceptance. I am one with no expectations, who enjoys your company in the simplest way, allowing you to just “be.” I am one in whose eyes you see kindness and gentleness, and who brings you smiles and heart warmth. I am one who will always guard/protect you, yet loves to be leaning against you, relaxed and close. I am one who completely trusts you because of our time together, and I welcome each day believing something good will happen.

My counsel for you today is to go with kindness in your eyes and trust in the power of unconditional love and compassion for others—and equally important, to allow this for yourself in return. Trust in the long history you share with each goddess and remember that you will all take turns leaning one another many times. Your hiccups with your friends occur because you often remain guarded with your feelings thinking you are protecting them.


Trickster (Council)

Trickster (Council)

Trickster (Council): I am the one who pulls the rug out from under your good time, who fuels insecurities within you and around you, in places you least expect. I am the one who tricks you into feelings of guilt when you aren’t pay attention. I guide you to be a better friend to one, while I undermined the stability of another. Pay attention, you never see me coming! I am the one who challenges you to be honest with yourself. I remind you that you are not in control of others, nor responsible for their ways of thinking, but that their actions might also be a way of reaching out to you.

My counsel for you today is to stand behind your friendships—no guilt. Friendships should not feel like spinning plates–when they do, I will make them crash to the ground and everyone gets a little cut. Instead, honor each relationship with love, honesty, and acceptance so you may release the insecurity, fears, and guilt. Keep me at bay by being honest with yourself and with your amazing goddesses! You will need each other the next time I show up.


Fox (Companion Suit)

Fox (Companion Suit)

Red Fox (Companion/Heart Chakra): I am one who is social yet cautious and wary. I am very clever and secretive. I am observant and watchful, waiting for my moment to fit in or blend in. I am patient and I am comfortable with being alone. I am also your heart chakra, the center for unconditional love! I am the one who offers you this powerful energy and healing. I am always here for you watching and waiting for the moment you need this energy to share with others. I bring you comfort and unconditional love and guidance so you can heal yourself and others along this journey.

My counsel for you today is to go forward with patience, love and healing energy. This means releasing guilt, anger, frustration, and fears, allowing room for self-kindness and appreciation for the spectrum of friends you get to share your life. Use my energy to help them see more of you, and let them know that you continuously evolve because of them. Lift them with love and kindness and appreciation and together you will fly. I will be with you, basking in the goddess light of your friendships.


Fossil Baby (Committee Suit)

Fossil Baby (Committee Suit)

Fossil Baby (Committee): I am on who is preserved in my most vulnerable state. I am one whose potential remains buried under eons of time—for many, many moons. I am one who calls to your feminine energies, through the timeless phases of the moon and Mother Earth’s children. I am one who reminds you that we are all born vulnerable and we can only survive through the nurturing of others.

My counsel for you today is nurture your friendships, your goddesses, it is the only way to survive what the world will often throw your way. Do not bury the potential for growth under layers of guilt and plate-spinning. Do preserve the timeless gift of these friendships and the love and support you provide for each other for many moons.

Looking at my notes from my reading, I summarize my “take away” for my question, “What counsel do you have for me and my goddess friendships?”:

Trust in your personal histories with each other, embrace each beautiful friendship and always bring love, kindness, and compassion to every gathering. Be more honest with yourself about your goddess relationships (let your guard down a little) and you will find you can just “be” more often. Challenges will always show up to grow your bonds. Stand behind your friendships without guilt by honoring each goddess with love, honesty and acceptance, and expect it in return. Your heart chakra glows when you are enjoying the company of these amazing women. Celebrate time with each other without fear, bask in the light of your friendships. And finally, nurture this special bond you share by unearthing each other’s potential. Preserve this gift of sisterhood, uplift your goddess friends, allowing them to fly independently, so you may soar together.

What kinds of readings do you enjoy most with your SoulCollage® cards? What other ways do you use your cards?





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8 thoughts on “Raven Reading: Friendship

  1. What wonderful thoughts from all of you. Michelle, enjoyed the blog as much as ever. Nancy….your writing is so lyrical and beautiful.


    • Thank you, mom! I know, I loved Nancy’s comment too….

      As I said to Nancy, I think the nurturing of your circle of friends (women I’ve known for much of my life as a part of you)–these longtime bonds you share with your goddesses inspires me 🙂


  2. I like the idea of a Raven Reading. I have also used the Heart Chakra Reading one facilitator posted in our group, and the random 10 card draw. Lots of creative ways to find our own inner guidance. Always amazes me when the answers come from deep within.


    • Jennifer, yes(!) I agree and also find so intriguing the variety of readings we could do to “find our inner guidance.” I say it often: I too am always amazed at the wisdom that emerges from within doing these readings. Can you share more about the Heart Chakra Reading and the 10-card draw? I am always interested in trying different styles!

      Raven reading is simply the common 4-card SoulCollage reading, I just feel the four cards pull so eloquently from each suit, and offers so much wisdom and council that whenever I thought of 4-card readings, “ravens” came to mind (extremely intelligent and mystical birds) and so I nicknamed it Raven readings because I’m always attaching nature with my art and SoulCollage experiences–and it just kind of stuck 🙂


  3. What a wonderful, wise reminder emerged from your reading about trusting our personal histories within friendships. My heart fills to the brim with gratitude for personal histories woven together with my own dear friends.


    • Lisa, thank you….that is music to my ears 🙂 Our amazing friendships among women are so important in our lives, a special bond that seems to grow and evolve, aren’t they? That is what I was hoping to share through this reading, thank you.


  4. Nancy Salvatierra on said:

    I began my day with a cup of coffee on the deck looking at the sun rise over Tahquitz peak and reading your beautiful post……..what inspiring thoughts to start this glorious day-thank you dear niece! I am left feeing blessed and thankful for the incredible women who have chosen to walk by my side on this journey……bright, quirky, caring, strong, patient, loyal and mischievous …….each unique and bringing their own special gifts to fill my soul. At times, when the waters got rough and dark and lonely, my ladies were there to patiently but firmly pull me back into the light. Where would I be without them? They are the very thread running through and connecting all the fragmented pieces of this long and lovely life!


    • Nancy, your comment is a beautiful tribute to your fellow goddesses! Thank you to both you and Pownkie (Laura Huff) for nurturing your circle of friends of which you guys continue to hold close–these are women in your lives that I remember as a child(!)…your longtime bonds with your goddesses inspires me 🙂


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