“The Attention Seeker” Card

The Attention Seeker (Committee Suit)

The Attention Seeker (Committee Suit)

In SoulCollage®, there is a card or two that we create that we just don’t like sometimes. A card that may contain an image that makes us uncomfortable, or we don’t readily embrace its symbolic potential–its relevance anyway. Yet we (rightfully) keep it because we are drawn to the image in some way. For me, it is my “Attention Seeker” card. I make a face when it shows up in a reading to be honest with you. But, I confess that it always has something positive to offer me, usually having something to say about ego, being judge-y, or being too conservative–or all three!

When I first found this image, this woman was part of a group of similarly dressed ladies and I thought, “Wow, I LOVE her! Look at these ladies, go big or go home! She wants to seen with those digs, and she loves the attention.” She was fun and engaging, with a “tonight’s my night” anticipation. Then I put her on a card by herself and she turned into an exaggerated attention seeker–a force of nature–look at me! She changed into something less appealing, unsure.

When I pull this card–like I did today, I think,  jeez is this really an aspect of me?  I can relate to insecurity, but the needy, drawing attention to myself, I don’t like it on me. Ego. Oops, okay yes it’s there, I see it. Maybe not as over the top as my card portrays, but it’s certainly always there, isn’t it? (Hello, I blog in a public forum hoping people find something useful in what I have to say.)

But for this reading I had my business on my mind and deep down I knew I’d been playing things way too cautious or conservatively, and I wondered, how do I take advantage of “ego” so it works for me and not against me?

So I look to my SoulCollage® deck for guidance in my business,  and “The Attention Seeker” blazes a clear path out of my comfort zone:

“I am one who believes in myself, whether you do or not. I go with confidence, I pull out ALL the stops–in the middle of everything: look at me, I’m freakin’ on fire! I need you to be a force of nature like me. I appear in the most over-the-top way because I am one to be seen and definitely not forgotten. Believe in yourself, be seen, be unforgettable.”

I find it to be very good advice for stirring up some business presence. She makes me uncomfortable.

And maybe that’s why I make a face whenever this card shows up in a reading. I know it’s going to challenge my comfortable way of thinking and doing things. So as I work to create a bigger presence and be unforgettable, I wonder, do you have a card in your deck that you’re not crazy about sometimes? How has it helped you?





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8 thoughts on ““The Attention Seeker” Card

  1. Michelle, I thought of you today when I finally made a card that makes me uncomfortable! It started out being a happy upbeat card like I usually make, and then things took a turn … http://aboutwhatmatters.wordpress.com/2014/06/08/the-liminal-stage/


  2. Ah, I see the problem … I think it’s the ellipsis (…). I’ll have to watch out for that. Here’s the short link, hopefully this works … http://wp.me/p1VAJk-cl

    I’m glad you enjoy my posts 🙂 I feel the same way you do … it makes everything a lot more worthwhile if you can help someone else along the way.

    I totally loved the surprise message of the peacocks … just goes to show you don’t need to be afraid of anything, it’s all good 🙂


  3. I see someone with a lion avatar likes this too 😉 As a Leo, I kinda have to be comfortable with this aspect, though I don’t know that I love the ‘attention-seeking’ label. I find I get attention whether I’m seeking it or not! I have to make an effort not to get it when I don’t want it. But I think it’s a good thing … people who are a bit over the top in a good way are the ones making life interesting.

    I don’t have a card that makes me uncomfortable … but I have an unfinished one about anger that might do the trick if it were complete! I probably need a push from a shadow workshop to complete certain cards.

    Maybe your card just needs a new name … The Promoter or something like that.


    • Heather, I wish I had more of Leo in me! There are times I need to be more comfortable in my own skin–especially when it comes to the networking and self-promoting one needs to do to survive in small business. It’s strange because I’m more of an extrovert, but I fear the spotlight LOL. That’s why this card is good for me–it IS a good thing!

      Ironically I react to the “shadow” side of this card right up front, but she lovingly (patiently) reveals the positive side of being heard during readings. I worried about her name for a while, but “Attention Seeker” sure grabs my attention! And my nickname for her just kinda stuck, because she’s shown up for me in other readings, not only in business questions, but also in parent-child dynamics (the “attention seeking” revealing again a positive message for me), even in grief, and feeling “invisible” or unheard in other interactions.

      She there to shake me up, end my excuses, make me work–and I hate to say it but also to watch my Scorpio-like tendencies toward jealousy (a perfect excuse)…maybe I don’t “like” the attention seeker card because she’s doing something I’m afraid to do! 😉

      I agree with you too, that Shadow work is such an important aspect in working with SoulCollage. I think it could be quite helpful to create (or finish!) a card under the guise of Shadow. It is a valuable opportunity to transform the uncomfortable reaction with a card or image into something productive and positive to our growth. An exercise to transform our thinking.

      Always, thank you for your insightful comments! This card might be a great example for my upcoming Shadow workshop!


      • I wish I were closer so I could come to your Shadow workshop 🙂 Maybe next year …

        Don’t know if you saw my peacock card that’s about writing … I was reacting to the images in a somewhat similar way as I made the card! But once I understood what it was about, I kinda embraced it 🙂 (If you haven’t seen it already … http://aboutwhatmatters.wordpress.com/2014/02/23/peacocks-put-t…lves-out-there/)


      • Thank you for sharing this link to your peacock card, Heather–and yes I completely relate to the same experience! I love how your peacock card offered you unexpected guidance by speaking to your writer side; supporting you and inviting you to continue on a journey of sharing your wisdom with others–“putting yourself out there!” Personally, I’m grateful that was the message for you at that moment, because I do enjoy reading your posts–a journey I can relate to and learn from!

        And how exciting to see at work the synchronicity of SoulCollage, and how important it is to hold onto these images that we think have nothing to do with our personality, good or bad!

        FYI, the link was broken, but I found it searching your blog–I was going to re-post the new link, but the one that comes up for your page is exactly what you already linked to!


    • PS Finally finished that anger card today! I kind of like it, it’s way OTT 🙂 http://aboutwhatmatters.wordpress.com/2014/08/09/how-to-deal-with-anger/


      • Oooh, I liked that “anger” card! You have inspired me to include such a card in my deck. A great post to read as well, I could relate to much of it (as I usually can the way you write and express yourself) 🙂 Thank you very much for sharing and reminding us that anger is a good thing too!


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