What Is “Blessing the Image” In SoulCollage®?

Giant Dreamer (Committee Suit)

The mala and the tiny birdhouses in this card invited me to take my time in carefully cutting around the beads of the mala and right to the edges and corners of each birdhouse.
Giant Dreamer (Committee Suit)
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Fellow collager Melinda dedicated an hour to this bird image, very carefully cutting around and between the head feathers for a stunning result. "Stagefright" card by Melinda D.

Fellow collager Melinda dedicated an hour to this bird image, taking time to cut around and between the head feathers for a stunning result.
Stagefright card by Melinda D.
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For most collagers, searching for images you are drawn to is a relaxing and inspiring process. With SoulCollage® there is a phrase we use (we say “blessing the image* ”), to describe the time we take in detailing an image by carefully cutting around every nook and cranny; even the spaces in between the image if we do not wish to include that background. I’ve noticed during card-making workshops this is usually a quieter time among participants, when each collager is focused on the process of cutting out their images.

When blessing an image, you are mindfully taking in the image as you are cutting around it–you are, in a way, taking a moment to spend time with a piece of yourself. This is like a private blessing: when you take your time to thoughtfully cut around and preserve the details of an image you chose, you are honoring that image. Therefore, you are honoring yourself, because in SoulCollage® every card you make is an aspect of your personality, a part of you as a whole.

Fellow collager, Gillian, "blessing an image" by using precision tips scissors, carefully cutting out the subject of the photo.

Fellow collager, Gillian, “blessing an image” by using precision tips scissors, carefully cutting out the subject of the photo.

Blessing an image is just another part of the experience of SoulCollage®. Have fun with this moment brought to you by your intuition in choosing the image in the first place. Remember that every part of a card, from its background image to a central theme or image(s) will be acknowledged by you in a reading at some point in time. Embrace this by blessing images when creating your cards, doing readings with your cards and honoring your wisdom by following through with the guidance your cards offer.

Blessings to you!

* I don’t know where the phrase originated, but once I heard it during facilitator training, it found a home in my own workshops.

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3 thoughts on “What Is “Blessing the Image” In SoulCollage®?

  1. You really never know what’s going to be important in a card! I love how often the little details turn out to have a voice. Often the jewels on my cards speak in a voice of guidance.


    • Heather, so true! I’ve made a cards that when they come up, some detail outside the central subject of the card jumps out to be heard. Is it literally “jewels” (like from gems?) in your cards that guide you? That’s so interesting–gems and minerals resonate with their unique energies too. So many levels….. 🙂 Thank you for commenting!


      • Yes, literally jewels 🙂 Here’s an example: http://aboutwhatmatters.wordpress.com/2014/01/19/be-of-good-courage/ Something I’ve noticed that I find interesting & can’t explain yet (you may have thoughts on this) … I had cut out an orange jewel to use on this card, but it didn’t feel right even though it picked up the color of the tigers, so I went looking for something else, and ended up using green. I later noticed that I have 6 cards with green jewels, often quite prominent. I’m sure it means something, but I don’t know what! (I believe they are a variety of stones in a common color, though there may be multiple emeralds.)


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