Altered Mood Through Altered Text

Altered Text ATC for Let Nature Be Your Muse Feb. 2014 swap. M. Hedgecock

Altered Text ATC for Let Nature Be Your Muse Feb. 2014 swap.

I recently created ATCs for a swap themed “Altered Text.” Out of the four cards I made, this one seems to reflect my state of mind lately.

Initially I felt more of a tongue-in-cheek fun with it, but now it just mocks me. Self-doubt is a slippery slope for me, when it shows up in one area of my life, it quickly roots in several more–like a parasite choking out my confidence. Yesterday I felt it in my work, today it burrows deeply into my parenting.

I feel like the negative state of thoughts like these are challenges that sneak up on us and present uncertain moments and hesitation. I immediately begin to question my direction, my value,  my “skills” <–see?!

So how does one snap out of it? Hmmm. Time alone works for me. Pouting. As does writing or journaling, or letting it out through angry bouts of “getting stuff done.” A quickie creative burst is always good too:

"Our Future Past: Alone, one of very few creatures beautifully colored. The last of the ancestral minds revealed."

See, I’m already feeling better after sharing with you here (thanks for listening), and getting lost in the somewhat meditative process of making the black-out poem above.

I’d like to know of other ways to work through future frustrations and pity-fests, so if you have any gems to share, I’d love to hear the ones that work for you! Because I prefer more often feeling this way:

"Happy-Go-Lucky" Altered Text ATC Feb. 2014. M. Hedgecock

“Happy-Go-Lucky” Altered Text ATC Feb. 2014. M. Hedgecock









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2 thoughts on “Altered Mood Through Altered Text

  1. Love you black out poetry….you make it seem effortless, yet I struggle with it. You inspire others to create, and that is the greatest gift of all…..stop the pity fest! Create and inspire!


    • We could play around with it together…I remember you are quite gifted in all of the found poem activities we’ve done (black-out poems, paint chip poetry, “rocku,” word gatherings…)! You remind me to reach out to family and friends as a way to feel supported…you always make me feel better! Thank you ❤


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