Healing Heart Stone

Healing heart stone, "Love Heals" digitally altered image of hand-painted stone.

Healing heart stone, “Love Heals” digitally altered image of hand-painted stone. M. Hedgecock


My mom brought back this beach rock, filled with holes and shallow dips wonderfully smoothed by its journey of erosion and time. It is the size of my hand, and I was drawn to its “imperfections” and asymmetrical heart shape immediately.

I connected with this stone as a metaphor for the healing heart. I thought about how our hearts eventually become pierced through love and loss, yet over time the memory of our pains become less jagged when we allow forgiveness and compassion to smooth our rough edges. Yes, the holes are still there, but now creating even more space on our hearts.

I attempted to complement the natural history of the stone with my personal journey. I used a metallic purple paint that has a copper sheen, and as you hold it in the light it is almost magical the way it draws you into the stone’s curves and hollows. To me, these holes reveal our battle wounds of experience and honor our heartfelt lessons. They are the cauterized scars of our personal history, the how and why we exist today. I wanted this heart stone to symbolize the beauty in that experience. I want it to speak to your own experienced heart: unique, beautiful, intriguing, and fascinating to explore.


“I Heart Nature” rock, click here.


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6 thoughts on “Healing Heart Stone

  1. Great quote, Nancy & David! And as usual, Mouse, your words wind and flutter in my mind and my heart.


  2. David and Nancy Salvatierra on said:

    “losing Love is like a window in your heart……everyone can see that you are blown apart” Paul Simon


  3. Gillian on said:

    Love it!!!!!! I agreed totally with your beautifully written piece!!!! Great job! ;o)


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