SoulCollage®: Feminista card

I have a creative project I’m supposed to be working on, but every time I sit down to finish it up, I distract myself with something else.  I’m feeling uninspired for this one, one of my original ideas falling flat, I lost my roll. I do keep going back to a Dia de los Muertos theme, as I think it fits the project nicely, but why am I not jumping on it, why does it not feel “enough?”

Feminista (Committee Suit)

Feminista (Committee Suit)

So, this morning after a good walk with a friend, I looked to my SoulCollage® deck for guidance. Only this time, my card literally fell at my feet. As I pulled my deck out of the bag, my cards slid from my grip and onto the floor. My “Feminista” card fell among the pile, but it’s the one I saw first. So in a not-so-ordinary draw, I decided to see what this card had to say about my lack of creativity. My question: Which neter (which card) will bring inspiration for me today?  Beginning with “I am one who…,” I continued my reading with these three questions:

1. What answer do you have for my question today?
2. What do you want me to do?
3. Is there anything else you want to tell me?

I am one who embraces the elemental strength of being a woman. I am one who can make anything happen, because I believe that I can. I am one who expects great, powerful, unbelievable things from you because you are of my divine sisterhood. I am one who surprises many when I run with the powers of nature, especially her creatures.

My answer to your question is to expect to find your muse in nature either through the elements (fire, water, air, earth) and/or her creatures. Your project is related to a seasonal cycle, run with the creatures that capture these colors and energy.

What I want you to do is follow your feminine gift of intuition to bring your butterfly idea to life in this project. I want you to follow my lead and make your idea bigger. Express yourself without hesitation, without question in order to finish this project.

I want to tell you that beyond today, I need you to believe in yourself, defer to others less. Live daily knowing you can make anything happen no matter how fantastic the idea–our sisterhood deserves this from each of us. What you create in life should measure up to your divine potential as a woman, so it has to be big, transformative 😉

My takeaway to my question, “which neter will bring inspiration for me today?” is this:  My inner feminista came forward, reminding me stand “grand” and expect big things of myself. To pull from my love of nature for inspiration through her cycles, creatures, elements. I am encouraged to follow my intuition regarding my original idea of using monarch butterflies symbolic to fall migration and colors, transformation, death cycle–perhaps with an edited eye, a more focused feeling for a bigger presence.

Wow! I did not expect this from this card–I wouldn’t exactly expect “feminista to equal muse!” As usual, this process finds its way beautifully to the place I need it most, and I am already inspired toward a new version of my project!



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2 thoughts on “SoulCollage®: Feminista card

  1. Really beautiful card and it sounds like a wonderful reading! Amazing!


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